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The Benefits of Coffee in Your Beauty Routine

Coffee in your beauty routine has a whole range of benefits. Coffee doesn’t just give you an energy kick when you drink it. It can be highly beneficial outside the body when used in your beauty routine, even helping to reduce redness and cellulite, alongside anti-ageing properties and improving hair growth. In terms of drinking […]

5 DIY Sugar Scrubs – The Natural Way to Exfoliate Skin

Sugar is the natural way to exfoliate your skin, with these 5 DIY sugar scrubs. We know you are not supposed to eat sugar. But is it unhealthy to use it on our skin? Sugar is actually a fantastic natural exfoliant which can come in handy with the winter months and changes in season when you […]

Beautiful Beauty Gifts For Two this Valentines

One gift to share can be twice as fun this Valentines Day. Finding someone to have a relationship with can be tough enough,  so don’t sweat the small stuff and get frazzled this Valentines Day. Boost the connection and fun with these luxe but fun gifts which will be a reminder of each other every […]

Would You Go A Year Without Makeup?

It sounds scary to most. Would you go a fortnight? Or even one day without make-up? We can argue it’s actually better for you, your skin and your life. Stephanie Yoder went without makeup for a year (and then wrote an eBook about it). She showed the world her face’s naked truth every day for […]