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This helmet will make you run faster

Nike have released a prototype of a helmet they swear will make athletes run faster. Many athletes  struggle to deal with a hot head during exercise, especially in summer. It’s not an uncommon problem and it’s one that is actually having an impact on the effectiveness of performance. Most of the body’s heat loss occurs […]

Seven Days For City2Surf Success

Just seven days to go Up to 85,000 people are expected to complete the city2surf next Sunday. Whether you have followed the training program run for run, or plan to wing it on the day, here are some last-minute tips that are sure to get you through every kilometre. Hydrate Make sure you are drinking […]

Autumn Favourites

Autumn is the perfect time to update your beauty bag. Going into winter, new beauty products can give you a lift, and the zing you need to maintain your energy and feel great, even when the weather is flat. Your skin can get dry with the increase in indoor heating, and lack of sun, so […]

Would You Go A Year Without Makeup?

It sounds scary to most. Would you go a fortnight? Or even one day without make-up? We can argue it’s actually better for you, your skin and your life. Stephanie Yoder went without makeup for a year (and then wrote an eBook about it). She showed the world her face’s naked truth every day for […]