Weird Beauty Trends of 2022 So Far

Beauty trends are always emerging, we’ve uncovered the weirdest beauty trends from 2022 (so far).

From lip wings to DIY dimples, these weird beauty trends have taken social media by storm in 2022. 

During lockdown, there was plenty of time to come up with new beauty trends, and that’s exactly what happened. Social distancing for two years has led to some innovative new ways to do hair and makeup. 

Some of these trends are questionable, but some actually make sense and can elevate a makeup look. Here are some of the weirdest beauty trends of 2022: 


Skinimalism, or the minimalism of beauty products used on the face, has become popular in the sense that less is more. This trend is amazing if the skin is sensitive or prone to irritation from excessive product use, read more about skinimalism HERE

The perfect ‘skinimalistic’ skin care routine includes a gentle multitasking cleanser, an antioxidant rich moisturiser or face oil, and a sunscreen or moisturiser with SPF to use in the mornings.

Lip Wings

To replicate the way a Bratz Doll’s lips look, influencers have been using an eyebrow pencil to lift the edges of their mouth to create an illusion of a doll-like smile. This trend is easy and an affordable way to lift a makeup look.  

The Morphe Sweetest Tea Trio is a must for recreating the lip wing trend as it comes with a lip pencil to create the wings, along with a matte lipstick and a liquid gloss to complete the look

Using Lube as Makeup Primer

What should be a straight up no in the world of beauty, has been circulating on Tik Tok after user @lukeketuhok posted a video using Durex Lube as primer. This trend started in the hopes of applying makeup and having a dewy looking face afterwards.

Dermatologists have debunked this trend and would not recommend it as using lube as primer can lead to facial skin sensitivities and allergies. A great primer to use instead of lube is the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Hydrating Primer, this primer soaks into the skin beautifully and smells divine.  

False Eye Bags

Typically, under eye bags are hidden with concealer or powder, but this year a new beauty trend has been born where red, blue and purple eyeshadow or a brown lip colour is being used to create false under eye bags. This beauty trend is mainly popular with teen social media users on Tik Tok, and used to create an illusion that they have not slept.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Pro Pigment Palette Volume 2 is perfect for creating false under eye bags as it comes with a large selection of pressed powder shades, it’s also great for creating artistic or dramatic eyeshadow looks as there are a great range of colours. 

Laminated Brows

This beauty trend started as a more affordable and less permanent alternative to microblading. Brow lamination will lift, tame and add volume to the eyebrow without needles, and keep the brow hairs in place all day, making it low maintenance, and with high impact. Read more about brow lamination HERE.

Stained Lips

Stained lips is a classic beauty trend that makes wearing regular lipstick seem like a hassle. Long lasting lip stain products are a great alternative to lipsticks as the lips will keep their colour all night, even while eating and drinking.

Lip stains remove the need for any lipstick reapplication or lip touch ups in the bathroom. The Clarins Water Lip Stain is an amazing place to start, the product is light and feels like there is barely anything on the lips, it also has a matte finish and lasts throughout the day or night.

Nose Blush

This beauty trend started in 2021 when teenage Tik Tok users expressed their alternative fashion and makeup choices inspired by Japanese trends. Nose blush is a great way to add some subtle colour to the face. 

Emily Ratajowski uses blush on her nose to give a natural, glowy look. An awesome palette for nose blush is the Stardust Glow Palette by Mellow Cosmetics as it comes with a gorgeous shade of blush, along with bronzer and highlighter for an easy and compact palette to brighten up the whole face.

DIY Dimples

This beauty trend was originally seen on Tik Tok, when user @arwaakhu shared a video telling people that to achieve fake dimples, all that needs to be done is poke a finger into each cheekbone for 30 seconds, twisting it back and forth, and then repeating it with lip pencils.

This beauty trend is not recommended as doing this will only cause a very temporary effect, as dimples are a unique facial trait that can only be achieved through genes or surgery.


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The Zig Zag Hair Part

As seen on Bella Hadid, this trend is a super easy creative new way to style a slick back bun or ponytail. The zig zag hair part is a simple trick to brighten up a hairstyle, and all that’s needed is a hair parting brush. 

The evo Tyler Boar Bristle Teasing Brush works well for creating hair parts, it also stimulates the scalp, reduces frizz and adds shine when brushing with the bristles.  

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