Middle Eastern Wellness Brands You Will Love

Arab wellness brands you need to try

We discovered eight Middle Eastern wellness brands, including beauty, activewear and even sweet snacks, you will love.

Wellness brands in the middle-east are nothing new. Women of Dubai, Egypt and Israel have been developing incredible skincare brands and wellness products for more than a decade. With products ranging from skincare, organic teas, to vitamins, fitness apparel and healthy snack foods.

Though many of them are now living abroad in countries like America, Ireland and the UK, none of them have forgotten their roots and heritage, using knowledge which has passed down through the family to create beautiful wellness brands. The brands not only give back to their communities back home, but also create some fantastic products.

Eve’s Skin

Mariam Elhouli, Founder of Organic Skincare, Eve’s Skin, has made some serious waves since launching, praised for its ability to reduce acne, redness and rosacea, naturally. Using no nasty ingredients, the brand is completely cruelty-free and vegan, and 100 percent Australian. Made with love and care, for all skin types, to help women and men feel better in their skin – naturally.


Founded by Masoomeh Wake, a biochemistry expert, who was inspired by her childhood memories of day-long Persian hammam cleansing rituals, Masoomeh wanted to recreate the sensation of freshly cleaned skin after a day at the hammam – a sensation that has stayed with her all her life. The brand oozes with luxury of natural minerals and vitamins to help you have beautiful healthy looking skin.


This luxury skincare brand based in Dubai was created by Dr. Lamees Hamdan and is a stunning blend of nature meets science using highly effective ingredients to create skincare products with excellent healing qualities.

Shiffa means ‘to heal’ in Arabic, so each product encompasses at least fifteen ingredients sourced from around the globe combined with advanced dermatology to help the skin from within.


This beautiful skincare brand celebrates skin chemistry and is designed for both male and female skin, with a range which is both gentle and effective for every type of skin type.

All products are vegan and cruelty-free, and although designed and made in the UK by Namrata Kamdar, The product formulations were created out of a genuine need to develop safe, effective, and pleasurable alternatives for young women to care for their skin.

Green Bar

Founded on the island of Bahrain, Green Bar is a beautiful wellness brand created from the day spa on the island. Products from this natural beauty range include everything from incense, to tea, and even date seed charcoal. They also have a beautiful range of face moisturisers and cleansing bars.

They even have a cafe linked to the brand, which opened in 2017 where locals can go and enjoy clean and healthy food, all designed to build immunity and promote healthy eating and gut health for better skin and overall health and wellness.

Behave Candy

This brand celebrates the sweet tooth, the healthy way. By working with chefs, not food scientists, the range of available gummies includes sweet, sour, or a bag of both.

The gummies are completely free of any chemical ingredients, and very low in sugar. They are a more sensible alternative to sate your sugar cravings, without feeling guilty for it afterwards.

Seek Refuge

This leisure active wear label believes in leaving the world a better place. To help support those in need, Seek use their products, platform, and profits to aid refugees.

20% of profits go to refugee aid organisations, and they also participate in special fundraising projects with non-profit organisations such as UNRWA to provide refugees with emergency assistance and services not covered by government aid. Oh and the clothing is super comfortable too. Win, win!

Dina Ghandour Wellness Experiences

Dina is a 300-hour certified yoga teacher and has been sharing her passion through teaching since 2015.  After working closely with women in her community, Dina became a certified Doula to help provide much needed support  surrounding pregnancy and birth in the UAE.

You can access her classes anywhere in the world. She teaches in Dubai and live streams either group classes or private if you have the budget. Just keep in mind the time difference, they are currently six hours behind Sydney. She has a few short classes online at @wellnesswithdina


Inspired by the life of nomadism, Montroi see it as a cultural bridge and an educational tool, to connect, grow, and learn through dialogue and shared experiences. Becoming a nomad, ultimately leaves a more enlightened world for future generations. Montroi have developed a lovely range of wellness products, including candles and perfumes which embodies the life of a nomad.

Their range includes everything from leather goods, like beautifully handcrafted backpacks to body mists and our favourite, Rose Water grown and prepared in Jabal Akhdar, Oman since the 9th Century.

Two Rivers

This natural conscious skincare & beauty brand brings ancient skincare products & rituals from ancient civilisations to the world. Developed from childhood teachings passed down from Iraqi descendants, the brand is sharing natural time-proven skincare products which have been in the family, for at least 5 generations.

From pumice stones to scrub your feet, and hemp infused skincare products. There is something for everyone with this range, as all products are developed to help nurture skin the traditional way, without chemicals.

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