Tried & Tested: DIY teeth whiteners

Bondi Beauty road tests DIY teeth whitening systems.

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Bondi Beauty Road Tested at-home whitening kits with some great results.
Nothing makes a winning smile like two rows of shinning pearly whites. We road-tested a range of whitening systems on the market to find on that works. Other than the universal issue of loose fitting mouth molds, these at-home kits range from quick and easy fixes to long lasting results. 

By BB Intern Dominique Tait

White Glo Express Teeth Whitening System by White Glo

White Glo Express teeth whitening system was the first tooth whitening product sets the bar high. The kit provides everything you need for a successful smile transformation: an upper and lower mouth mold, White Glo Express whitening gel and a small tube of White Glo tooth paste. The application process is simple, and you only need to leave the molds in your mouth for 5 minutes, which is significantly shorter than other teeth whitening systems.

After a few uses I was happy to see that the shade of my top teeth were noticeably whiter – that is noticeably whiter than the bottom half of my mouth. Unfortunately White Glo recommends whitening half your mouth at a time which can leave you with different shades of teeth, as I discovered.  However for people looking for whiter teeth in a quick and easy way, White Glo Teeth Whitening System delivers what it promises.

Positives in brief: Easy and effective

Negatives in brief: Different shade teeth when you’re getting started

BB Rating: 8/10

Price: $18.95

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BDazzled Professional Whitening System by BDazzled

Dressed from head to toe in purple, BDazzled Professional Whitening System caught our attention. Opening up the sleek case, there is an organized system of tooth whitening apparatuses. Similar to White Glo, BDazzled comes with mouth trays and gels to whiten your teeth. As the price suggests however, unlike the quick and easy steps of White Glo, Bdazzle offers a more comprehensive whitening system.  The whitening gel comes in three syringes that demand precision for application, but the wastage they eliminate is worth the trouble.

Unlike the shorter length treatment of White Glo, BDazzled mouth trays must be left in for 30 minutes, and after 10 minutes of saliva build up let’s just say things have the potential to get messy. The time spent on application and waiting for results is considerably longer than other teeth whitening systems (by a couple of weeks) but the results are more effective and longer lasting, leaving me with whiter teeth for longer. For people looking for a long term fix to their toothy worries, BDazzled Professional Whitening System is for you.

Positives in brief: The effects are long lasting

Negatives in brief: It’s a high price for whiter teeth

BB Rating: 7.5/10

Price: $99

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Rapid White 1 week Tooth Whitening System by Rapid White

Rapid White 1 week tooth whitening system landed at Bondi Beauty HQ with promises of shiny white teeth, and for a quick and easy fix this product delivered. Containing the regular set of mouth molds, whitening gels and toothpastes, the rapid white product also included an ‘accelerator’ formula that claims to interact with the whitening gel for speedier results. The application was similar to that of the White Glo system, only swiping the accelerator over your teeth before putting in the mouth trays.

Rapid White’s whitening gel had a slightly worse taste than the previous two products, but the treatment time of 5-10 mins is a short period to be uncomfortable. However, it’s lucky the treatment time is so short considering you’re asked to repeat the procedure morning and night which could be inconvenient.  After the week I was happy to see my teeth were a few shades whiter. For people needing whiter teeth by the weekend, the Rapid White team’s 1 week tooth whitening system is your answer.

Positives in brief: Almost instant results

Negatives in brief: The effects are temporary

BB Rating: 7/10

Price: $19.95

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We’ve also tried out some simple and easy whitening toothpastes. For girls on the go we recommend Pearl Drops’ Glam Whitens and Shine toothpaste and Colgate’s Total advanced whitening toothpaste.


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