White teeth for summer?

Summer is the best time to whiten your teeth.

Zoom Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the US, Australia and UK ( even more than botox) and one reason is that so many of us don’t think of our teeth as cosmetic, so are more likely to have the procedure.

But whiter teeth can make a significant difference to your appearance.

Here are six reasons why you should have your teeth whitened right now, as summer hits in Sydney:

  1. It is affordable: Philips Zoom White Speed Instant Teeth Whitening is affordable. We found some clinics including Pitt Street Dental Centre  ,charge as little as $595 for the treatment, which is less than some plastic surgeons charge for one full Botox treatment.
    2) It lasts: Philips Zoom White Speed Instant Teeth Whitening lasts two years or more. Unlike many cosmetic procedures, this one lasts at least two years on most people before you need a top up.
    3) It’s quick: You need about 90 minutes to have the procedure and your teeth need to be professionally whitened before you have it. That’s it.
    4) There is no hassle afterwards: You can go out straight away, and you don’t have the hassle of at-home dental kits which require ongoing maintenance and work.
    5) It can improve your health: Teeth whitening is a great incentive to cut back on your coffee and red wine (and especially your smoking). Smoking can really stain teeth, and you will want to keep them bright and white for as long as possible, so whitening your teeth will help you stay disciplined.
    6) White teeth make you look younger: Faded or yellow teeth are very ageing, and white teeth give you a fresh more youthful look.
    7) They don’t look fake: You only have to log onto Instagram to see how many cosmetic procedures look fake, and teeth whitening with Philips Zoom White Speed looks very natural and healthy.
    8) Your teeth discolour with age, so don’t delay: Ageing discolours teeth, as naturally the enamel wears. If you have bad habits such as smoking, they will age faster, so it’s best not to wait too long.

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