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Founder and CEO of Bare Body Beauty launches Bare Bites Bowls & Brew in Bowral and we couldn’t be more excited.

My experience so far with Bare Body Beauty has been a fabulous journey. With almost edible skincare and candles which give one of my fave US brands Bath & Bodyworks a run for their money, the products by Bare Body Beauty should in my belief, be inside every woman’s bathroom cabinet.

Launching their first store in Berrima in the southern highlands of New South Wales in 2015, Bare body Beauty has come a long way, with stores now located at Westfield Miranda, at Macarthur Square Shopping Centre, and their signature store and head office in Bowral.

The founder, Donna Jennings began her natural beauty brand through humble beginnings.

“My motivation was my children and the need to build a business that had a positive impact on them and their future. I am a single mum and I felt very strongly about what we are teaching our kids about living a healthy life when they are bombarded with products that are loaded with chemicals, preservatives, colourings and toxins.

If I can have an impact on their health and happiness then the business will be worth it. Bare Body Beauty is a play on going natural”, Donna shares with us.

With products like the Acai, Goji and Bluberry Body Scrub which smells more like a breakfast smoothie and tempting to eat whilst cleansing the body, and a fabulous Hemp Face Wash infused with Eucalyptus & Tea Tree Oil which smells like a luxurious day spa, Bare Body Beauty truly is a testament to why myself and so many others are obsessing with natural beauty brands, now more than ever.

Bare Body Beauty Body Scrub
The delicious smelling Acai Berry and Goji Berry Body Scrub by Bare Body Beauty is good enough to eat.

“Getting back to basics and taking responsibility for your own health. Natural beauty today involves being vulnerable and having the courage to listen to your body and intuition. To be brave enough to not follow the fashion.

We are constantly being indoctrinated by the media, influencers and bloggers to buy and follow what is important to them. We have access to so much information now that affords us knowledge. We know that what we put on our body is the same as what we put into our body and we have choices in that”, Donna explains.

Although Donna didn’t come from a beauty background prior to the launch in 2015, she understood the demand for beauty products which were as natural as possible and both good for the body and for the environment too.

“I didn’t do any training until after I became a parent. I was working in senior level business management and I became more aware of what was available to me and my kids, and was shocked.

I literally began learning how to make the same products I was purchasing and excluded all of the chemicals, preservatives and fragrances and saw how differently it reacted to my body. It started with salt and coffee scrubs and everything I made sold.

I took on the feedback, experimented with ideas and built a range that grew to encompass face, body, hair and now food. However, I also realised that some of the products we created needed some form of healthy preservative alternative. Though not XX edible, was safe for people to use. We do what we can to make a difference”, Donna tells us.

assorted soap collection at Bare Body Beauty
The beautiful range of assorted soaps by Bare Body Beauty which smell and look more like a delicious collection of fudge than soaps.

With the success of her beauty brand, Donna felt the next evolutionary stage for her brand was to create a yummy foodie outlet which served vegan and gluten-free foods and drinks, which not only matched the ethos of her brand, but was also made using some of the ingredients which can be found in the beauty products too.

It’s called Bare Bites Bowls and Brews. Located at The Mill in Bowral and only several feet away rom her flagship Bare Body Beauty store, the menu includes everything from vegan nachos, raw treats, veggie bowls, probiotic teas, coffee and more.

“It was just a natural progression. We so often say to people that many of our products are good enough to eat and I just kept thinking one day we would offer a range of food in the same way we offer our Bare Body Beauty products.

Within our communication to all age groups we understand the importance of what you put in and on your body. It has an affect in so many ways. Raw, organic, vegan food has the ability to heal bodies.”

Bare Body Beauty also hold fantastic workshops at their Bowral location, where you can learn to make your own natural beauty products. Click here to find out more.

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