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8 Easy Tips for Healthy Teeth

Staying on top of your oral hygiene is easier than you probably think. With these 8 easy tips for healthy teeth, you’ll be keeping your mouth healthy and happy. 1. Change Your Toothbrush Regularly Your toothbrush is exposed to bacteria every single day as it cleans your teeth, so it only makes sense that the bristles […]

White teeth for summer?

Summer is the best time to whiten your teeth. Zoom Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the US, Australia and UK ( even more than botox) and one reason is that so many of us don’t think of our teeth as cosmetic, so are more likely to have the procedure. But whiter […]

Not brushing your teeth can cause cancer?

Research from the University of Birmingham School of Dentistry has shown that not brushing your teeth for just two weeks could result in significant damage to the immune system, and possibly even cause cancer. It can be critical to your overall health to brush your teeth every day. Here are five good reasons to keep […]

Tried & Tested: DIY teeth whiteners

Bondi Beauty road tests DIY teeth whitening systems. Nothing makes a winning smile like two rows of shinning pearly whites. We road-tested a range of whitening systems on the market to find on that works. Other than the universal issue of loose fitting mouth molds, these at-home kits range from quick and easy fixes to […]