Are You Thinking of Cosmetic Surgery?



If you are thinking of a cosmetic procedure you’re not alone.


Some tips to ensure you are fully informed and in safe hands before you embark on cosmetic surgery.

Over the past 12 months 12,000 Australian women have had breast augmentations alone.

At Bondi Beauty, we are advocates of a natural, balanced, healthy life, but if cosmetic surgery gives you that, we support you.

We spoke with David Segal, founder of The Cosmetic Institute in Bondi Junction who gave us seven tips on what to consider before having anything done.

  1. Do your research. Use Google and online blogs to research different procedures and see which one you think will work for you. Talk to friends, as whether it’s botox or breasts, everyone knows someone who has had something done.
  2. Be prepared to change your lifestyle temporarily. Don’t consider any procedures unless you are in excellent health and are prepared to reduce alcohol consumption and in some cases significantly reduce your fitness directly after the procedure. Make sure you talk through all of the after-effects in detail with your doctor.
  3. Get a few consultations. Once you have made the decision, get 2-3 consultations to compare them.
  4. Invest time with your surgeon. Make sure you have rapport with your surgeon and you feel you can trust them.Look at the surgeon’s before and after images and point out things you do or don’t like.
  5. Check credentials. Always go to an accredited surgeon – and it’s the surgeon’s accreditation you need, not those of the premises (e.g. a hospital) he or she is working out of.
  6. After-care. Make sure you talk through follow up appointments, and support you may need after the procedure, and check for additional costs.

What cosmetic procedure would you like to look into?

By Renae Leith-Manos

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