New Beauty Game-changers You will want Now

From 3 in 1 serums, to tanning waters, caffeine shampoos and magic blue primer drops – these are the new products we can’t help but get excited about.

Here at Bondi Beauty, we’re always looking for the next best thing, whether it be the hottest new workout, Bondi brunch spot or health craze.

But primarily, we can’t go past new beauty gamechangers that land on our desks and make us giddy with joy.

Tried and tested, these are new products to up the ante on your beauty routine.

Acure Seriously Soothing Solid Serum 3in1, RRP$29.95 AUD

A quality serum is a must have in any skincare routine.

This solid serum from vegan and cruelty-free beauty American brand Acure is a 3 in 1 product designed with skin wellness in mind.

ACURE 3IN1 Serum
An affordable, multi-use serum? It’s a big YES from us

With the refreshing scent of sweet fruits and slight herbal notes, due to the inclusion blank currant and blue tansy, it acts as a makeup removing, gentle cleaning balm, a hydrating facial treatment and a remedy for relieving chapped skin on the face and hands.

It’s multi-tasking at its finest – one product that has multiple uses, leaving skin feeling soft, renewed and refreshed. The solid serum is also vegan, cruelty free and contains no parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, petrolatum or silicones – meaning it’s not only good for your skin, but good for the environment.

To use as a cleanser and makeup remover, massage into the skin until the product melts into an oil consistency, the balmy texture making application easy and smooth. Rinse with water and wipe with a face cloth.

To use as a face treatment for a luxury facial, apply to the face and leave to set, washing off if desired.

Best suited for normal to sensitive skin.

ModelCo Tan Water, RRP$ 25 AUD

You didn’t read that incorrectly – yes, ModelCo have released a spray water that is a liquid self-tanner.

Developing into a bronzed glow within 4 hours, this is the perfect tanning choice for the face, as it is not as intense as a mousse or foam tanner.

ModelCo tanning water
A liquid, spray tanner makes tanning easier and mess free than ever before

All that is required is a liberal spray, saturating the skin with the product, before blending with circular motions. It’s also clear – meaning no mess on the hands.

Fragrance-free, this is perfect for skin that is easily irritated, and it can also be applied to the body to help build a bronzed, natural glow.

This liquid tanner is formulated with skin loving ingredients, and it leaves skin feeling smooth, hydrated and refreshed, not to mention bronzed and glowing.

Enhanced with softening coconut water, green tea extract to prevent skin irritation, caffeine to firm the skin and Vitamin B5 to maintain moisture.

L’Action Undereye Cream Concealer 1 minute solution, RRP$16.95

When a product claims it can be instantly colour matched to any skin tone to hide under eye bags, it’s reasonable to be sceptical.

1 minute solution undereye concealer
An innovative cushion tip directly on the tube makes this an easy to apply concealer

But the L’Action Undereye Cream Concealer actually works. The creamy, miracle 1-minute solution formula means it’s quick and easy for on the go touch ups in a convenient travel-sized tube.

The innovative part of this concealer is the cushion tip. With a slight squeeze, the product comes out of the tube in just the right amount, directly into the cushion. From here, this can be applied directly underneath the eyes with effortless blending, reducing the appearance of dark shadows and undereye bags.

Further, this cushion tip applicator doesn’t clog pores or cause irritation, and it also removes the mess of traditional concealers.

L’Oreal Infallible Magic Essence Drops, RRP$31.95 AUD

Only a few drops of this new primer from L’Oreal is enough to leave skin feeling hydrated, smooth and prepped for applying makeup.

L'oreal Magic Essence Drops Primer
Drops of “liquid gold” have turned blue with the new L’Oreal Magic Essence Drops

A so called “magic essence”, don’t let the blue colour of this primer through you off – it doesn’t translate to the skin. Infused with “blue toned brightening technology”, this primer helps to create an effortless and all-day radiant glow that isn’t over-shiny or oily.

With a lightweight texture that isn’t oily or sticky, it also quickly absorbs into the skin, perfect as a base under foundation.

This product is perfect for dull skin that needs revitalising and an extra boost, thanks to the cocktail of hydrating antioxidant ingredients including kiwi, acai and hyaluronic acid.

Herbal Essences bio:renew Coffee Fruit Shampoo and Conditioner, RRP$11.99

Having a morning coffee to kickstart and feel energized about the day isn’t uncommon, but what about when caffeine is included in hair care?

Herbal Essences Arbica Coffee Shampoo
Shampoo infused with coffee? Expect volume and high shine, a pick-me-up for hair

With the warm, delicious scents of caramel latte, crushed berries and patchouli, the new Herbal Essences Coffee and Fruit Shampoo and Conditioner is our favourite new addition to haircare routines.

The inclusion of Arabica Coffee is what makes this shampoo different from the rest – helping to provide volume and boost to the hair, while still leaving it soft to the touch.

Additionally, formulated with the signature blend of aloe, sea kelp and essential antioxidants, this leaves hair feeling smooth and rejuvenated.

With zero parabens, gluten and colorants, it’s a product that hair can feel good about. It’s also colour safe, meaning it won’t damage or reduce dyes and colourings.

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