Make your own beauty products with coconut oil

Coconut Oil has been the health elixir of 2014, but it has plenty of uses outside the body you may not even know about:

Coconut Oil has a plethora of uses as the ultimate all natural beauty product.

From lip balm to moisturiser and make-up remover coconut oil as a beauty product has multiple uses. Coconut Guru and author of ‘Going Coconuts’ Brynley King shares her coconut beauty secrets:

Sun protector – Coconut oil is great to have on hand when you’ve run out of sunscreen and while it only provides a minimal SPF it may still assist in preventing burn for short periods of time and is perfect to smother yourself with in between sunscreen applications to maintain optimum skin hydration.

Fake tan remover – No one likes a patchy tan. To remove fake tan that has passed its peachy prime take a good dollop of coconut oil on a wet cloth or exfoliating glove and rub all over the body for a smooth, even skin tone and a bonus of perfectly moisturized skin.

Exfoliator – For super supple and supercharged skin mix coconut oil with equal parts instant coffee or raw sugar to create a DIY all-natural exfoliate that’s not only inexpensive, smells amazing and topically applied caffeine is said to help banish cellulite.

Hair treatment – Before heading to bed, apply a good dollop of oil to your lengths and ends, tie in a topknot and leave in overnight for a nourishing, fragrant and inexpensive hair treatment.

Insect repellant – Rubbing coconut oil over your skin does wonders for warding off pesky bugs and mosquitos. Plus when applied to an insect bite, the oil is known to work faster than calamine lotion at stopping the itch, reduce swelling AND can speed up the healing process.

Lip balm – Sun, wind and salty air can leave lips feeling sore, chapped and less that luscious. Coconut oil works as an incredibly nourishing 100% natural lip balm that Pacific Islanders have been using for centuries. Try mixing one tablespoon each of coconut oil and olive oil with ¾ teaspoon of honey for a sweeter, super soft DIY lip treatment.

Moisturiser – Coconut oil is the perfect organic moisturizer as it is absorbed into the skin deeper than regular lotions and hydrates without feeling greasy or oily.

Frizz fighter – With humidity comes frizz, so try applying a pea size amount of coconut oil to dry hair and you’ll be able to not only tame frizz and flyaway hair but moisturize your hair at the same time.

Makeup remover – Coconut oil is safe and gentle on sensitive areas too and can remove everything from lipstick to waterproof mascara with just a slick of coconut oil on a simple cotton ball. Inexpensive and effective, coconut oil also helps to promote eyelash growth and healthy lashes.

Nail and cuticle treatment – Show your nails some TLC by rubbing a tiny amount into nails and cuticles to moisturize, nourish and promote strong, healthy nail beds.

Age spot fader – Age and sun spots and uneven skin tone from sun damage can be unsightly, for a gentle alternative to bleaches and brighteners, try coconut oil to fade spots, promote healthy skin rejuvenation and encourage a clear, healthy complexion.

Sunburn treatment – The properties found in coconut oil are known to relieve the pain of sunburn plus heal the skin and limit peeling at the same time. Try patting a damp washcloth splashed with a little bit of apple cider vinegar on burnt skin to relieve the stinging before generously applying coconut oil mixed with a little peppermint oil to the affected area.

Chafing ointment – Coconut oil can be used on any part of the body to not only prevent chafe from occurring but also to heal sore and inflamed skin too. It’s also perfect to use on infants as an all-natural alternative to nappy rash cream.

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