How to be your own healer

What does it mean to be your own healer?

Meditation is part of being your own healer.

In a world where we can hire therapists for our dogs, knowing and understanding the strong connection between our mind, body and spirit is of undeniable worth.  These 3 simple steps will help you connect to your own innate healer using your own power.

The Mind – This is one of the most powerful tools we have.  If you can become a master of your mind you are half way to accessing your innate healer and just about anything that you can ‘put your mind to.’  The power of the mind is undeniably the leading tool for achieving peace, success and overcoming obstacles.  Work actively on maintaining a positive mindset and this will assist your physical and emotional body.

Here’s How:

Practice things such as mindfulness (the art of being present) or affirmations such as ‘I trust the process of life’ and you will notice a dramatic positive change.

 The Body-  Your body is an intricate and magnificent vessel. It will tell you better than any book, expert or Dr. what it is that it needs. Pay close attention to what foods it is asking you for; to what exercise makes it feel energised or hurt and to what medications and supplements it is needing today.  Of course be aware that sometimes cravings are your body’s way of actually wanting the opposite, so pay close attention to HOW you feel after ingesting something. Remember, your taste buds are only a miniscule part of all that makes up your body.

Here’s How: 

  1. Some handy reminders are

a)      Drink plenty of water

b)     Remember to breathe

c)     Know when your body needs a break, more gentle exercise like swimming or certain types of yoga or pliates or when it’s asking to sweat it out in cardio.

The spirit – Tapping in to your intuition is a great way to connect to you inner healer.  There is a little inner voice that exists within everyone. An inner knowing that can guide us through our life if only we learnt how to silence the chatter of the mind. Practice becoming still and learning to listen is a great way to harness your intuition.

Here’s How:

  1.  Try these exercises to help you connect with your spirit

–        Meditate daily. This can be a guided mediation or a relaxation CD. It may even be in the form of movement such as dance or yoga.

–        Partake in activities that require focus (also known as mindfulness practice). This may be listening to music, gardening or painting. The key here is to immerse yourself in the moment and discover the details of the experience such as the notes or tones of the music, the shades of color in a painting or even your breath as you involve yourself in the activity.

By Debbie Zita

What activities do you find healing?

Debbie Zita is a well accomplished spiritual mentor and business coach with degrees in behavioural science psychology and social work. She is centred in Melbourne and now works enthusiastically to remind women of their inner strength and helps them become entrepreneurs in their chosen careers. 

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