Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Lamination

Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Lamination

In case you hadn’t noticed on TikTok and Instagram, brow laminations are all the rage.

The technique involves the application of a chemical solution designed to straighten the eyebrow hairs. This is similar to feathering – to find out about eyebrow feathering click here.

I wasn’t sure what to expect walking into the stylish neutral interior of Wonder Clinic and I certainly was surprised at the results. I was shocked at first by my reflection showcasing my eyebrow hairs standing straight up as though I had been electrocuted.


After a day I grew to appreciate the fresh look of brushed-up brows. With the help of Poppy, my talented technician at the clinic, my eyebrows became feathery and more voluminous than I thought possible. 

How the eyebrow treatment went:

When I arrived at Wonder Clinic, I was greeted with a warm smile and a warm cup of flavourful Detox tea. My clinician, Poppy invited me into a pristine white room with the aroma of vanilla and natural essential oils. Permeating the room, creating a relaxing and ambient environment. Poppy even played a curated playlist to set the tone for the treatment. 

I laid in a reclined position on a massage table ready for my beauty transformation.

Everything You Need To Know About Eyebrow Lamination

Firstly, my eyebrows were cleansed to allow for the solution to work effectively and so Poppy could build upon the natural curve of my brows. 

She used a cotton tip to apply the keratin solution which was intended to soften the hairs, helping to make them more moldable. Subsequently, she used a spooly brush to sweep them in an upwards direction giving the look of a mad scientist. 

Poppy did two layers of this sequence letting the solution rest for 5-6 minutes with glad wrap placed on top. After each round she would wipe the brow with a wet cotton pad. 

Although this seems counterintuitive, Poppy informed me that it was important to remove excess residue to ensure there were no clumps. This was my favourite part about the appointment as it was so relaxing, I almost fell asleep!

Next, Poppy skillfully matched a tint colour and applied it to the hairs of my freshly full eyebrows. The effect was quite subtle as I already have dark eyebrows, but still gave a bold look to my natural arch. 

Professional tinting is estimated to last 4 to 6 weeks depending on your hair type, beauty products and brow care.

The final step involved plucking the stray hairs to better define the brow shape. 

I’ve had my eyebrows plucked before, however, this was by far the least painful and most precise experience I’ve had. Poppy used quick, short and sharp movements, removing the unwanted strands with ease and grace. She carefully cleaned up the bottom and sides leaving a neat and striking look. 

To further define the brow shape and finish off the treatment Poppy applied an underline of Kelley Baker Brows Concealer.

I clutched my own hands in anticipation as she pulled the hand mirror over for the big reveal. I stifled a laugh at my reflection that showcased my eyebrow hairs standing straight up as though I had been electrocuted. 

Before and After

“I never knew they had this kind of volume.” I managed to say with a smile. In my head I expected to look like Lily Collins but in reality, it was just a style I had to get used to seeing on my face. 

I left their beautiful studio feeling unsure of my new eyebrows. Did they suit me? Was it too dramatic of a change? All those emotions washed away when I filled in and brushed my brows at home. I ran the spooly through my fluffy brows surprised at how moldable they remained despite the lamination. 

At that moment I fully understood the hype around brushed up brows. As someone who likes to keep their makeup natural and simple, brow lamination made my eyebrows appear thicker whilst leaving a clean and soft finish. 

The lamination was completed in one appointment and took about an hour to perfect. Ultimately, my brows would remain feathery for 6 to 8 weeks – longer for fine hair. 

Wonder clinic has truly worked wonders.

Maddy Remedios


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