Being too busy might stunt your growth.

Gaining Weight and Losing Height? New statistics from the ABS say yes, and it’s because we’re too busy.

The generations are getting smaller.

A busy lifestyle can negatively impact your health, so make sure you take the time out to eat well, play well and live well

Most of us feel pretty proud of ourselves when we spend a whole day on the go and actually accomplish something. But startling new figures published this week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveal that an on-the-run lifestyle leads to a poor diet and a loss of height.

Yes, you read that right. From 1995 to 2102, women have lost an average of 1.1cm in height, while their parents’ generation (aged 45 – 55 now) only lost 0.1cm. Women are in extra danger, as men have only shrunk 0.3cm in the same time period.

The Dieticians Association of Australia are fearing the for the nation’s next generation of mothers, because in addition to getting shorter, they are also 27% heavier. Spokeswoman Melanie McGrice says that this will almost certainly impact fertility because a poor diet goes hand-in-hand with a calcium deficiency, which negatively affects pregnancy and childbirth.

There is a solution though; McGrice suggests young women go ‘back to basics’ and learn how to cook, quick, easy and healthy meals to keep them fuelled for an on-the-go lifestyle rather than eating meal replacements to save time.

Do you think our generation is busier than our parents’ generation?

By Bondi Beauty Intern Yael Brender




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