Cinderella Style – Cosmetic foot surgery to achieve the “perfect fit”

Cosmetic foot surgery? Only in America (for now).

American women are said to be having cometic surgery to fit into high heels.

Women in the US are now requesting foot liposuction and toe amputations to fit flawlessly into designer heels.

A recent article published in the New York Times revealed an increasing trend among wealthy US women who are requesting the  cosmetic foot surgery. Popular demands include the lengthening and shortening of toes, bunion removal, fat injections into the ball of their feet and even toe amputations, to give them picture-perfect feet, Cinderella style.

According to the article, women have been requesting foot surgery for years now. American podiatrist, Ali Sadrieh says women are correcting imperfections like “high-heel foot”, “hitchhikers toe” and “toebesity”.

Another US podiatrist, Dr Suzanne Levine says surgery is not the only option. Other options on the feet-correction menu include plasma therapy, stem-cell injections, fillers for built in foot cushioning and foot exercises.

Women can now literally custom design the shape of their feet to match the shape of their design heels. Is this over stepping the cosmetic surgery mark or is this taking uncomfortable matters in our own hands (or feet)?

Michael Cornelison, Californian foot and ankle surgeon believes “undergoing foot surgery solely for cosmetic reasons raises serious concerns”.

Not only is there the risk of post-surgery complications including chronic pain, dysfunction, scarring, bleeding, nerve damage and infection. Cornelison strongly advises anyone thinking of getting foot or ankle surgery seeks proper medical advice and expertise and to think long and hard of the risks and outcomes associated with the surgery, “the last thing you want is to undergo all the post-op downtime and possible risks and complications for a questionable benefit”.

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