Bondi Beauty Tried & Tested: Facials that work.

Bondi Beauty Tried & Tested: Facials that really work: Yes, they really do something!

Active Resurface35
Dermologica Active Resurface 35 Facial Treatment.

Dermologica Active Resurface 35 Facial Treatment 

A quick treatment is a good treatment, and Active Resurface 235 is just that. It works on just about every concern you could have with your skin including fine lines, dehydration, congestion and breakouts, pigmentation and flakiness. A plethora of fab Dermologica products are used in the treatment which focuses on gentle but effective exfoliation.

End results: Clean, refreshed, smooth glowing skin.

Felt: I felt calm, relaxed and grounded.

Looked: Glowing,healthy and smooth.

You may not know: Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers world-wide.

Time: 45 minutes

Price $90.00


Omnilux is our go-to treatment to look amazing and have a complete chill-out at the same time

Omnilux Red Light Therapy.

Whenever anyone says they want their skin to look its best for a wedding or special event, we recommend this treatment. Omnilux is an infrared light you lie under for 30 minutes  to improve the skin’s texture, and plumpness. It even helps reduce acne. There’s over a decade of clinical research behind it to back up the claims. A course of at least six treatments is recommended, but we’ve seen results after just two.

Omnilux has a host of benefits from boosting your skin’s natural ability to produce collagen and elastin, and improving texture and tone to reducing pore size and increasing blood flow.

The light makes you feel totally relaxed, and puts you in a meditative state, while the powerful light emitting diodes create a healing response within the skin using infrared technology.

End results: Flawless, plump, dewy skin.

Felt: Completely chilled and grounded.

Looked: Plumped and radiant, lines reduced.

You may not know: NASA was the first to propose that light emitting diodes may have benefits for the medical – and cosmetic communities.

Time: 30 minutes ( the maximum time for it to be effective)




Langham_Sydney_Spa_Female3 2
Babor’s spa treatment at Sydney’s Langham hotel is pure luxury.

Babor’s 60 minute SPA Facial at The Langham, Sydney.

This treatment is pure luxury. From the facial massage to the

End results: Complete relaxation, and fresh, taught skin.

Felt: Like I had been pampered.

Looked: Refreshed, calm and healthy.

You may not know: Full use the facilities at The Langham including the spa, steam and sauna, gym and pool are included.

Time: 45 minutes

Price: $90.00

 When do you have a facial, and why?

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