Keira Rumble’s 7 Tips For Hydrated Winter Skin

Certified nutritionist and wellness advisor, and founder of Krumbled Foods, Keira Rumble, shares her best tips to beat dry, flaking skin this winter.

Cold winds, indoor heating and long hot showers tend to take their toll on skin’s hydration and overall glow in the colder months.

Winter beauty routines need to ensure that skin is maintaining optimum hydration and receiving all of the loving attention it needs to avoid dullness, dryness and flaking.

Certified nutritionist, wellness advisor, travel writer, entrepreneur and founder of Krumbled Foods healthy snacks, Keira Rumble, spoke to Bondi Beauty about her best tips for keeping skin radiant year-round. Here’s what she had to say:

“Water, water, water

“It is so easy to become dehydrated in winter, we opt for more hot drinks like coffee and hot chocolate, leaving water by the wayside without the heat to remind us to drink it.

Drinking plenty of water is essential in helping the body function properly, as hydration regulates body temperature and plays a vital role in the function of cells, tissues and organs.

Choosing the right cleanser

If you use a foaming cleanser, winter is definitely the time to make the switch to a cleanser that is lotion, cream of gel based instead. Many foaming cleansers have surfactants which can have a drying effect on your skin.

My favourite is the Mukti Organics Hydrating Cleansing Lotion.


It is hard for moisture to seep into the skin when you have dead skin cells blocking the way. Gentle exfoliation is a great way to remove excess skin cells to ensure moisturising products can properly absorb and to keep the skin protected and nourished.

My favourite exfoliation products include Weleda’s Birch Scrub and Black Chicken Remedies Body Polish

Be wary of hot showers

Everyone loves a long, hot shower in winter, but sadly the shower is where any hard work put into moisturizing the skin can come undone. The intensity of the heat in your shower can break down the lipid barrier in your skin which research has proven to be essential in retaining moisture.

Turning down the temperature and reducing time spent in the shower will ensure that you aren’t losing your skin’s essential nourishing and hydrating properties.

Whip out some body oil

After jumping out of a warm shower, I love to pop some body oil on while my skin is still damp. I find my skin feels nourished and being damp allows the oil to be better absorbed on my skin.

Putting a body oil on while you are damp also makes the oil dry more quickly – allowing you to get changed quicker which is always a plus on a cold winter morning!

Mukti Organics’ Bioactive Body Elixir and Weleda’s Evening Primrose Revitalising Body Oil are two of my favourites.

Make a lip scrub

One of my favourite ways to keep my lips plump and hydrated is by doing a homemade lip scrub once a week. This helps prevent chapping and the build up of dry skin on your lips.

The lip scrub I make simply uses equal parts of shea butter and coconut sugar. Or, if you don’t want to make your own, I also love Bite Beauty’s natural agave lip scrub.  

Use cuticle oil

Your cuticles can come extremely dehydrated in winter, so I love to keep a small jar of oil at my desk to apply throughout the day. I like to use coconut or almond with a few drops of rosehip in it.

Organic Jojoba or Rosehip oil work a treat!”

Keira Rumble
Keira Rumble, nutritionist, wellness adviser and founder of Krumbled Foods

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