Katie Holmes As A Beauty Ambassador? Why?



Beauty Company Olay has chosen Holmes as the brand’s first Global Ambassador, and we don’t like it.


Katie Holmes is global ambassador for Olay.

Of all the women in the world, why would Katie be the final choice?

Sure, she was cute enough in Dawson’s Creek, and she did have amazing skin and hair back then, but now?

It’s no secret Katie Holmes shot to fame as the rather challenged third wife of Tom Cruise, and we acknowledge she has battled a very public divorce and what appeared to be a challenging marriage and risen above it all.

But should she be the face of skincare and make-up brands? We’re not so sure. The hundreds of pap shots on the internet reveal the strain and stress she has felt as a single mum over the past few years, and her beauty routine hasn’t, ahem, been a priority during most of that time.

We’re not judging her for that, but we are judging cosmetic companies who pick women who just don’t seem to be the right fit.

What we’d love to see her do is be the face of women in emotionally destructive relationships and talk freely about the challenges of being a single mum, under the constant gaze of paparazzi and getting her career off the ground.

We’re not holding our breath.


Katie Holmes in a pap shot. Image courtesy of justjared.

Do you think Katie is the best choice as global ambassador?

By Renae Leith-Manos




Renae Leith-Manos


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  1. nicole@fivestarpr.com.au' Nicole Lenoir-Jourdan says:

    What’s she drinking? Is it Starbucks? Perhaps that is a better fit. Love your work Bondi Beauty. Love to see more photos which show the celebrities as they can be rather than hoisting up some image that not many of us can relate to.

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