Flawless Skin The Natural Way

There are many ways to achieve flawless skin the natural way, even if you have acne.

 Bondi Beauty spoke to natural skincare expert and published beauty author Mukti about how to get naturally glowing and clear skin.

Mukti, author of Truth in Beauty and founder of Mukti Organics skin care, knows her stuff when it comes to improving your skin with a natural, ethical and organic skincare routine.

Mukti’s book Truth in Beauty, which was released earlier this year, is a bible of organic beauty and skin-care, explaining how the ingredients in skincare products can either help or harm your skin, so Mukti really knows her stuff when it comes to skin.

Bondi Beauty spoke to her about how to get a complexion that looks flawless without using makeup or harsh products.

Here is the advice she gave:

Find a good cleansing lotion

“I think the first thing to consider is your cleansing lotion, find a good one and use it on a daily basis,” Mukti said.

“Find something without any harsh surfactants (see below for an explanation of what these are) or a really high PH, as these will dry the skin out.”

“When people use really harsh, acne-focused products, they have more of a drying effect, if they swap to something that’s more soothing and calming they get much better results.”

Surfactants are active ingredients that cause products to foam or lather, and they break down the oils and fats on our skin. Truth in Beauty says to avoid products that produce a lot of foam, or that leave your skin feeling taught after use – these are the signs that there is a high amount of surfactant in the product.

Don’t be afraid of oils

“You can heal your skin really effectively with oils as well, you don’t need to be scared of oils if you’ve got acne-ic skin,” Mukti said.

However, be careful what oils you use, as you don’t want to be choosing mineral oils like baby oil or Vaseline.

“Hydrate the skin with plant-based ingredients, or natural oils like jojoba and coconut oil, as opposed to mineral oils CAN YOU NAME SOME MINERAL OILS? WHAT ARE THEY? that will sit on the skin and smother it.”

Ultimately, you want to avoid products that either smother the skin, or that dry the skin out.

Read the ingredient list of your products

Truth in Beauty has a comprehensive list of all the harmful ingredients found in most beauty products, and it’s pretty overwhelming to think about the concoction of chemicals and unnatural ingredients most of us put on our skin on a daily basis.

“It’s really important to read the ingredient list and stay away from all the chemicals that you’re exposing yourself to,” Mukti said.

“I think it’s important, particularly for girls who have acne, to make sure you’re not using products that are very harsh on the skin. It should be all about soothing and calming, and natural ingredients are best for that.”

Check out Truth in Beauty to read up on what to be looking out for in your products, but sticking to organic ingredients is always the safest bet.

The bottom line is that there’s no miracle solution, you’ve got to have a healthy lifestyle

“I think sometimes people that have bad skin tend to look for a ‘magic bullet’ as opposed to just paring it right back, keeping a really simple routine, and also looking at aspects of your diet and your lifestyle,” Mukti said.

“It’s a wholistic thing, it’s not just about applying something topically and hoping for a miracle.”

“Get enough sleep, make sure you’re drinking enough water… good skin starts from within, so whatever you’re ingesting, the food you’re eating is always going to have an impact on your skin.”

“It’s also definitely a matter of being aware of what you’re putting into your body because it’s definitely going to show up on your skin.”

To find out more about Mukti’s beautiful organic skincare range or her new book Truth in Beauty, head on over to muktiorganics.com

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