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Winter skin care secrets

Winter is in full swing, and skin can start to feel dry, itchy, and irritated. The lack of UV rays and cold pressure on the skin can feel strenuous on the skin. With this absence of UV light and increased bacteria in winter, skin can be screaming for these skincare secrets. To show winter who […]

Flawless Skin The Natural Way

There are many ways to achieve flawless skin the natural way, even if you have acne.  Bondi Beauty spoke to natural skincare expert and published beauty author Mukti about how to get naturally glowing and clear skin. Mukti, author of Truth in Beauty and founder of Mukti Organics skin care, knows her stuff when it […]

8 Products to Soothe the Skin for Winter

Winter can often leave skin feeling more sensitive, dry and irritated. Combat these effects using the right products to help soothe the skin. Hot showers, baths, heaters and a reduction in daily water intake, can all leave skin in winter feeling a little less hydrated, nourished and protected in the winter months. It’s important to […]