Is This London Massage Treatment the Best Jet Lag Cure Ever?



Your fave UK cosmetics brand ever (and everyone’s fave place to get bath bombs) Lush has created one of the best day spas in the world.

Who would have thought that in one of the world’s busiest streets sits one of the most peaceful, elegant day spas I’ve ever been to, with a massage treatment to die for…

Lush spent three years creating the Synaesthesia massage treatment and once you’ve had one, there’s no going back. This massage treatment goes far beyond your average, everyday massage.

The Lush Spa is located in the basement of their huge – and very busy – store on Oxford Street, and from the moment you walk in to be greeted by a friendly face with a sign with your name on it, you know you are going to be taken care of.

The Day Spa has been created with a country retreat feel, so when you walk in, you are sitting at a wooden kitchen bench-style table, with the sound of birds chirping filling the room. Oxford Street feels a million miles away.

A welcome board greets you before your Synaesthesia massage treatment.

Everything about this holistic massage treatment is designed to help you relax. There’s no rushing or fast talking or stress. 

You are asked to select a word from a list of meaningful, soulful words on a wall, then to pick a coloured oil bottle from a shelf with more meaningful words on each of them.

The bed is heated and super comfortable, and the massage room beautifully echoes the country feel with wooden doors & floors. 

The actual massage then takes you through a whole day, during your 80-minute massage treatment, starting in the late afternoon with music and bird calls, and moving into different music as the day changes.

The two are then combined to give you your very own tailor-made treatment. 

An orchestral soundtrack has been composed with a 52-piece orchestra playing for 80 minutes. And it is absolutely magnificent. The music definitely contributes to the once-in-a-lifetime feeling this massage treatment leaves you with.

The massage treatment itself is brilliant and includes every part of your body so that you are left absolutely relaxed and calm as the music plays and you let go in every sense.

The treatment is so intricately designed that by the time the soundtrack reaches the night section, you are well and truly immersed in both the music and the massage, and so, so chilled out.

Selecting an oil bottle labelled with feeling words on it is part of the fun before the Synaesthesia massage treatment.

When it was over, there was no rushing to get up, but rather a relaxed approach to waking up, stretching and getting dressed.

The bathrooms are stacked full of Lush products with everything from mouthwash to make-up and dry shampoo. Another welcome indulgence after such a sensual massage treatment.

The soundtrack was available for purchase and just listening to it takes you back to the relaxed state from the massage treatment.

The Synaesthesia massage treatment was the first by Lush, and they have evolved a whole spa treatment menu from it. I cannot wait to go back.

This is the ultimate jet lag treatment, but book well in advance – it is very, very popular.

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