Find the best face cleansing mask for you

A detox mask once a week is the best way to treat our skin

A cleansing mask helps draw out impurities, and cleanse skin. Here are two we’ve road tested.

The skin benefits from a face-mask a couple of times a week, but the hardest part is just picking the right one.

Many women over 35 claim tightening and thickening masks help tighten their skin and make their skin feel smoother and younger for at least a day or two.

So, why not give one a go also. Here are two we like:

Estelle & Thild, Biocleanse Deep Cleansing Detox Mask RRP $49.95

This Swedish Detox Mask is an organic mask recommended for all skin types, and feels fresh on the skin. It’s light in texture and smoothes evenly and easily across the face, removing impurities and unwanted toxins.

Unlike other face masks that dry hard and eventually crack, Biocleanse won’t leave your face feeling like it’s in a straight jacket. The subtle tightening upwards of your face feels relaxing and is a gentle reminder that you are doing something good for your skin.

The Blackflower is a fruity and fresh scent, and despite it being an extra cleansing of the skin, leaves the face feeling hydrated and dewy.

This deep cleansing face mask is an easy addition to your nightly routine and won’t dry out your skin or leave your face feeling taut. Our recommendation – do yourself a favour and use three times a week to keep your skin feeling healthy.

Estelle & Thild and Chinta Face Masks
Estelle & Thild and Chinta Face Masks

Chinta Island, Face Mask Coconut RRP $24.00

This coconut scented face mask transports you to a deserted beach in seconds, smelling like a summer holiday.

This deep cleansing treatment draws out impurities from your pores and absorbs excess oils to act like a chemical peel, sans all those harsh chemicals.

This Australian product is vegan, cruelty free and made primarily from Australian Kaolin Clay and Organic Coconut Oil, which we already know adores our skin.

Whilst the Chinta Island face mask, has a thick, clay-like consistency, it does not have the gritty texture other face masks do. It glides across the face evenly and provides a cooling sensation before drying reasonably hard.

This mask came off easily with the help of a face towel and provides a nice exfoliation (especially if removed in the shower).

Whilst we would recommended this face mask simply for the cooling sensation and soft, glowing skin it also makes pores look significantly smaller after just one use.

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