Top 10 Beauty Mistakes you’re probably making



Mistakes in your beauty regime can be unflattering and even make you look older, here are 10 to avoid.

Beauty Blunders

Matching nails and lips in hundreds & thousands could be considered a beauty blunder this spring!

To always look and feel your best, make sure you’re not guilty of these top ten beauty blunders:

1.     Putting moisturiser all over your face

It’s instinctive to panic and lather your face with moisturiser for a quick fix when your skin is dry and patchy. But applying moisturiser all over your face, especially underneath your eyes, can result in puffiness and milia (small, white bumps).

Ensure you’re only applying moisturiser to your forehead, cheeks and chin and use an eye cream or gel underneath the delicate eye area.

2.     The wrong foundation shade

We’ve all cringed at women with unblended, orange foundation lines under their chins, so don’t get caught out yourself.

Make sure you’re wearing the perfect foundation shade that blends seamlessly into your neck and looks natural, and the weather is changing so your foundation needs to change too.

Always get a makeup advisor to try foundation on you before you purchase anything, and also examine the shade in natural sunlight to avoid any surprises when you walk outside.

The general rule for choosing foundation is to go for a pink based colour if you’re rose toned (have pink undertones in your skin) or a yellow base if you’re golden toned (have a yellow tinge to your skin).

3.     Conditioner all over your hair

Even if you’ve got the driest hair, conditioner is strictly for your mid lengths to ends only. If you apply conditioner to your scalp, it could result in excess oiliness and product build up. If your hair is in desperate need of moisture, try a more hydrating shampoo or invest in a hair masque to further nourish your locks.

4.     Skipping  toner

This is the product often forgotten about, but toner is a vital step in your skincare regime. Toner helps remove any makeup your cleanser has missed and gets rid of dead skin cells, resulting in smoother skin. A more even skin tone also means your foundation will sit nicely on your face and stay on.

5.     Too much powder

A good pressed or translucent powder is great for setting your foundation, helping it look matte and last longer. However, applying too much can age you, making your skin look older and wrinkles appear more visible.

Only apply powder on oily areas such as your t-zone and avoid the eye area so powder won’t sit into any lines.

6.     Forgetting about lip liner

If you’re applying lipstick straight to your lips without a base, it’s unlikely to stay on for more than an hour.

Lip liner shapes the lip, stops bleeding, and helps lipstick last a lot longer.

The trick is to not only outline your lips, but colour in your whole lip so your lipstick has something to stick to. Colouring in the whole lip also saves you from the embarrassing lip liner outline often left when you eat or drink!

7.     Using a sponge for your foundation, not a brush                 

Product wastage, bacteria and unevenness are just some of the issues you can run into when applying foundation with a sponge.

For a professional finish, use a foundation brush instead. Brushes can help buff in your foundation, resulting in a more even, natural look. Foundation brushes also help you use less product as they don’t absorb as much foundation as a dirty sponge can after a few uses!

8.     Not curling your lashes if they’re short and straight

Tried all the curling and lengthening mascaras out there but still aren’t getting results? Give an eyelash curler a go.

These tools can look confusing and daunting if you don’t know how to use them, but once you’ve got the hang of it, there’s no going back.

With no eye makeup on, press the lash curler against your open eye, ensuring your lashes are in between the clamping area. Press down GENTLY and hold for one minute then repeat on the other eye. Next apply waterproof mascara, which has a thicker consistency than regular mascara, helping your curl stay lifted and not droop.

9.     Applying perfume once you’ve already dressed

Spritzing yourself with perfume once you’ve finished getting ready may make your clothes smell nice for a while, but if you want fragrance to last all day, you’re better to spray it directly on your skin.

For best results, apply to the backs of your knees, inner elbows and neck where heat emanates.

10.  Neglecting your neck

It’s easy to forget that your neck needs to be part of your beauty regime. That’s right, cleanser, toner and moisturiser should be applied to your neck too. Your neck is just as exposed to harsh environmental factors as your face, so also needs protection and care.

By BB Intern Jessica Breares

Do you have a beauty blunder you can share?

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