Why Personalised Facials Are The Next Big Thing In Beauty.

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This independent flagship store in Sydney creates personalised facials so no treatment is the same.

As the world becomes more fast paced, and we continue to be bombarded with a plethora of skincare products and treatment options it is easy to become overwhelmed.

The question of which serum to use for which condition and whether or not to book in for a chemical peel or skin needling depending on the season is hard to answer – especially when advertising tells us we need it ALL. 

So, when I came across a studio that takes the guess work out of beauty, I had to give it a go.

Lady Luxe Beauty is a beauty therapy studio established in 2014 by Jessica Nash. The 32-year-old mother of two started the business as a small concept that she ran from inside her home before growing to a flagship store on Darling Street in Balmain.

Lady Luxe Beauty
Lady Luxe Beauty flagship store in Balmain

Each holistic treatment is completely customised on the day as no two skins are the same and can change from visit to visit.

Founder, Jess Nash says, “I think what makes the studio most different is the synergy of science and spirituality”.

Jess Nash, Founder of Lady Luxe Beauty

When you book in for an Intuitive facial with Jess you can tell immediately that the experience is going to be in depth and catered to your individual needs.

She talks you through the entire process, starting from the initial cleanse followed by a thorough analysis of your skin. Within this analysis she asks you about your lifestyle and your habits to establish how this may have affected your skin and how it could continue to affect your skin and health moving forward.

Jess says, “factors to be considered are environmental, stress, sleep patterns, social life, diet and exercise etc”.  

What makes this facial treatment different?

Jess says, “The modern woman spends so much time on the go I like to achieve a holistic treatment each time my client lays on the treatment bed. Each session starts with a crystal energy clearing followed by an in-depth skin analysis where a plethora of science, machinery and touch therapies are applied specifically tailored to each client’s skin needs and end with a Tibetan sound bath.”

Through the combination of massage, crystal healing and light therapy, the experience itself equates to a deeply relaxing two-hour treatment. However, the results of the treatments alone speak for themselves.

I came to Jess with a lot of pigmentation as a result of acne scaring (particularly on my cheeks and chin), as well as milia build-up around my eyes. I was also concerned about the use of unknown products on my skin as it is highly sensitive.

Lady Luxe Beauty before and after
My skin before the facial. Lots of acne scar pigmentation

However, all of the products used by Lady Luxe Beauty are natural and perfect for sensitive skin types.

The treatment step by step:

During my specific treatment we started with an enzymatic exfoliation massage followed by a lite AHA fruit peel. Once the skin was completely refreshed and renewed, we then infused a patchwork (pertaining to different areas of the face) of serums and infused them under blue light therapy to stimulate the healing and send the cells into a frenzy of regeneration whilst a hyperbaric pressure gun pushed the serum deeply into the dermis (the deepest layers of the skin).

We finished with a leave on marine collagen mask which Jess infused with an ice globe massage to detoxify and firm the tissue. The mask was left on to collagenate the skin for the next 12 or so hours and locked in with an organic shea butter antioxidant infusion. 

By the end of the treatment I could see a dramatic difference in my skin immediately. Not only was the skin hydrated, it was considerably more radiant.

The pigmentation in the acne scaring was greatly reduced and Jess had removed all the milia from around my eyes. Overall my skin’s complexion was visibly more even and smoother.

Lady Luxe Beauty before and after
After the Intuitive facial. The skin is visibly more radiant.

The combination of efficiency and personalised care that comes from these kinds of treatments will no doubt make these kinds of therapies, and studios such as Lady Luxe Beauty the hot new trend in 2020 and beyond. 

The intuitive facial itself retails at RRP $225 + GST. However, Lady Luxe Beauty is offering Bondi Beauty readers 40 % off their first facial treatment using the code bb40.

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