Self-Tanning Is In Your Control Thanks to NOVO Tan

A self-tanning subscription is the easiest, new way to ensure your skin is sun-kissed all year round.

Self-tanning is a daily or nightly ritual that many Aussies turn to for that ‘just-came-from-the-beach’ glow during the winter months when the sun is masked by grey skies or during the scorching season of summer when the sun’s UV rays can be damaging to the skin.

Getting that natural-looking gorgeous glow is a relaxing form of self-care – but the process can be challenging when the tanning mousse can end up being too dark, too orange or too streaky, or you can be mid-application and realise there’s not enough to cover your entire body.

Self-tanning subscriptions are not that foreign. TanMeBox is a California-made company that has been part of the spray tanning industry for over 10 years. The company allows subscribers to choose between three tanning boxes – Tan Newbie, Tan Lover or Tan Obsession. Once selected, the company ships, for free, a month’s worth of self-tanning products directly to their customers, including tanning brushes which last for 6 months.

While existing in other parts of the world, this option was not available in Australia until now.


Here to eliminate complications and restore joy in the peaceful practice is Australia’s first subscription tan.

NOVO Tan was found by 24-year-old, Newcastle-native (hence the name ‘NOVO’, derived from Novocastrian, which means a native or inhabitant of Newcastle), Meg Lewis. Born during lockdown initially just as a side-hustle, it has grown rapidly and seen amazing success over the past year.

Besides being an entrepreneur, Meg runs a makeup artistry team and is a pro-MUA herself. She is a soon-to-be-podcast-host of her new podcast series, ‘Cocktail Chit Chat’. More importantly, she’s got an adorable little golden retriever called ‘Sunday’, who you can follow on Instagram, @sunday.thegoldie.

Meg was inspired to create a mobile self-tanning delivery service when she realised that this option was not available for Aussie tanners.

Founder, Meg Lewis

With the subscription, customers can choose to receive the products of their choice directly at their doors monthly or bi-monthly, at a discounted price. This concept makes self-tanning an easy, disruption-free process with no more late-night runs to the chemist or Coles.

Some of the brand’s products include the ‘Ultimate Bronze Drops’, ‘Ultimate Tanning Mitt’ and ‘Ultimate Bronze Tanning Mousse’. The products are ethically made in Australia and are vegan and cruelty-free.

Meg knows what she’s talking about when it comes to tanning formulas, being a self-tanning addict herself. NOVO Tan’s formula contains ‘aloe vera’ – an ingredient that helps create a long-lasting tan. The formula ensures that the tan lasts over 6 days and dries within 5 minutes, meaning that clothing and bedsheet transfers are no longer an issue. For more tips on how to keep your sheets and clothes clean when tanning, click here.

However, the stand-out feature of the brand is definitely that it is all-inclusive, supporting all women of all body shapes and sizes, and advocates for self-love, as seen in their 2022 campaign (pictured above).

NOVO Tan Campaign 2022
NOVO Tan Campaign 2022

Meg also says that the brand’s point of difference is that it is “customisable with 3 shades in one bottle.” This means that the amount of layers you choose to apply determines the depth of your tan – either medium (1 layer), deep (2 layers) or extra deep (3 layers). It’s just that simple.

The subscription service is super flexible – customers can cancel or pause it at any time, so there’s no harm in trying it out.

The business is consistently working to enhance their formulas and expand their collection. Recently, they have launched a new product -the ‘Ultimate Spray Tan Solution – Deep’.

Ultimate Spray Tan Solution - Deep
Ultimate Spray Tan Solution – Deep

This solution contains natural, hydrating ingredients which help to ensure that the formula is applied evenly and smoothly onto the skin. It has an unscented, olive-based formula that compliments all types of skin tones by cancelling out any pink or red undertones.

To achieve further summer glow, find out our favourite body glow highlighters here. Also, find out the $15 body moisturiser will prolong your self-tan, so that you look golden all throughout summer.

Explore their range here and uncover your new tanning go-to’s.

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