Thick Hair: How to Thicken Your Hair Fast.

female hair loss

These top tips will get you back on track towards your most luscious and fast-growing head of thick hair yet.

Thick hair envy is inevitable on social media, as everyone you look at has ridiculously lush locks and gleaming hair, giving us some fairly unrealistic goals and benchmarks when it comes to our own hair.

Many celebrities use wigs, extensions and use imaging apps and clever camera angles to look consistently good, not something many of us care to do, let alone can afford to do.

The truth is that most of us have a head of hair that is not as thick and shiny as we would like and as we get older our hair situation only gets worse. It’s been said that one in every three women will notice their hair thinning with increasing hair loss after they turn 30. For some it can start as early as the 20s.

What is Female Pattern Baldness?

Generally, most women lose between 50-100 hairs a day, however female pattern hair loss (FPHL) is often defined as those who consistently experience loss or shedding of 150 or more hairs a day.

Female pattern hair loss is considered a genetic hereditary condition that can be inherited from either the mother or father’s side and is more common than you think. Fortunately, female pattern hair loss doesn’t follow the same patterns as it does in men – rather than starting at the forehead as it tends to in men, it starts at the centre of the crown and often results in a widening of the hair part.

Women do not often experience the shiny, receding hairline seen in cases of male pattern baldness, so the good news is female pattern baldness can be easier to hide.

What Causes Female Hair Loss?

Hereditary hair loss is responsible for a large number of women experiencing hair loss and hair thinning. However, even women who do not have a genetic disposition for FPHL may experience hair loss. This can often be caused by:

  • Hormonal changes caused by altering your oral contraceptive pill,
  • Pregnancy,
  • Severe stress or medical illness such as thyroid disease,
  • Lack of the necessary vitamins and minerals required to grow and support a healthy hair and scalp
  • A build-up of toxins that may be impacting scalp blood circulation and the health of your hair follicles.

Lifestyle Choices for Healthier Hair

To address temporary hair loss and thinning, the best medicine is to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. How can we achieve this?

This may include reduction of stress, increased physical activity plus consuming a daily well-balanced diet with the right combination of vitamins and minerals. Ensuring you have a well-balanced diet is possible without supplements, but the volume and variety of foods you would need to consume is mind boggling.

For best results, if you are experiencing hair loss or thinning, take a supplement that has been specifically developed to aid hair health. ensure the supplement you choose is TGA approved. This means that the claims made around what the ingredients will do must be substantiated and provided to the Australian Department of Health.

If you are looking for a supplement specifically designed and formulated to help improve hair health, trico.lab Good Hair Vitamins are the way to go. TGA approved, they have scientific support and clinical evidence around their ability to improve hair health. When embarking on supplements, remember that success will not come overnight, and the folk at trico.lab are realistic about the results you can achieve. They suggest that you take the Good Hair Vitamins for at least 3 months to see visible results.

If you want a super-charged method of tackling hair loss or thinning, trico.lab also has a herbal tea which you can drink in conjunction with taking the Good Hair Vitamins. trico.lab regenerate organic herbal tea is formulated with additional vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from herbs that have traditionally been used to increase hair growth, strength and thicken hair.

Drink hot or cold to help regenerate and thicken your hair and to give yourself the best chance of maintaining healthier and stronger hair, for longer.

Good Hair Vitamins - three white jars on top of each other.
If you are looking for a supplement specifically designed and formulated to help improve hair health, trico.lab Good Hair Vitamins are the way to go.
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