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Thick hair: How to thicken your hair fast.

These top tips will get you back on track towards your most luscious and fast-growing head of hair yet.

6 Fab Supplements For Thicker, Fuller Hair

Instagram seems to be flooded with thick hair solutions, but many experts claim the only way to truly get thicker hair is with supplements. We have found our favourite 6 supplements for thicker and fuller hair. 1. Hum Nutrition Red Carpet, $35 for 60 capsule Hum are a household name worldwide in beauty supplements, who […]

5 Ways Dry Shampoo Could Damage Your Hair

Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver, but it could also be damaging your hair. Ever woken up in the morning, rushed to get to where you need to be, only to find your hair is slightly greasier that you’d hoped for? Most of us reach for our trusty dry shampoo, however experts are warning it […]

Eat your way to Healthy Hair

Just like the rest of your body, your hair needs the right nutrients to stay strong and look good. You can eat your way to healthy hair. A recent UK study proved women put a lot of time and effort into their hair. It determined that the average woman will spend 10 full days per […]