Get Instagrammable, Shiny Summer Hair With Our Top Pick Hair Products

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Summer can take a toll on our hair – so be prepared with these top pick products for Instagrammable hair.

The heat, humidity, salt and sand can all impact hair in different ways, ending up depleting healthy hair and causing brittleness, dry ends and breakage. 

The ‘beachy wave’ look is aesthetic pleasing, but it isn’t always the best for optimal hair health. 

Hair experts say that excessive sun damage is one of the most contributing factor to damaged hair in Australia; the UVA and UVB rays lead to colour fading and weakened hair fibres, which can lead to dry, brittle ends that snap easily.

These sensational seven hair products will bring life back into all types of hair. 


Sisley Paris Hair Protective Fluid, $120

A hydrating treatment can revitalise all hair types make all the difference, especially when the scorching Australian heat ends up drying out hair and taking away that smooth, silky appearance. Plus, it also forms a protective film that guards hair from the sun, sea water and swimming pools. The scent is exquisite – think fresh florals, which matches perfectly with the gorgeous vibe of summer itself. 


Suncare Hair Veil by Aveda, $52

Aveda have created a treatment with SPF for hair that contains water – resistant UV protection and ensures moisture is locked in. This guards colour and hair gloss against the consequences of the salty water and the sun for up to 16 hours.

Dull, dry hair is never fun; enhance and lock in moisture with this protective hair veil.

Hair In The Sun by Sachajuan, $41

This Sachajuan branded product also contains SPF – providing protection for all sorts of hair and colours. The creaminess of the treatment makes for a simple and luscious application process. It also contains Ocean Silk Technology, allowing protection to activate even after immersing in water. 


Sun Catcher Vitamin C Leave-In Conditioner by R+Co, $49

This leave – in conditioner is perfect for those struggling with dry ends. In saying that, summer’s effects mean even those will healthy hair could always do with some hydration. The conditioner is full of moisture – locking ingredients, such as coconut oil and vegetable collagen, which do wonders in strengthening and hydrating hair. 

Packing a leave – in conditioner in the beach bag will spruce up any washed locks in no time.


Wave Spray by Oaui, $40

Achieve the perfect faux waves with this Oaui spray. Instead of leaving hair unattended and without moisture post – beach trip, apply this spray to keep locks nourished. This alternative will replicate the natural beach waves, whilst safeguarding colour and hydrating every strand. 


Lisse Luxe Towel by Aquis, $44

Unfortunately, a lot of towels used on wet hair are the reason to blame for hair breakage. Hair is at its most fragile state when wet, so ensuring a microfibre lightweight towel is in your beach bag is essential. This towel uses AQUITEX, an innovative fabric woven from fine fibres which creates a lightweight material that gently dries hair, meaning you can say goodbye to split ends and dry strands. 

A lightweight towel makes all the difference when it comes to strong, undamaged strands.

Lack of Colour Wave Bucket Hat in Green Terry, $99

Hair is just like skin, and – when covered, is better protected from the sun. Softer fabrics, such as terry – towelling also don’t cause any further damage to salt, sun and sea – exposed hair.

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