The Best Hair Trends To Come Out Of 2020

Mermade Hair Waver

Whether you’ve DIY’d mermaid waves with a straightener or grabbed the kitchen scissors to cut yourself some curtain bangs, we are all guilty of wanting at least one of 2020’s most iconic hair trends.

Some hair trends were born from Tik Tok, others were re-birthed out of lockdown boredom, either way there have been some pretty out-there hair moments in 2020.

Whilst we know most trends come and go, we hope these hair tools, accessories and styles stick around long enough for us to show off our new looks post Covid-19. 

Hair Tools

Mermade Waver

Sofia Richie with the Mermade Waver.
Sofia Richie sporting gorgeous mermaid-like waves.

The bubblegum pink Mermade Waver was hard to miss on Instagram this year.

A step-up from the unforgettable 90s hair crimper, the Mermade Waver works effortlessly to give you the perfect set of mermaid-like waves.

With celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Sofia Richie and even our very own Tammy Hembrow flaunting the look, it’s no wonder it has become one of 2020’s biggest trends.

Revlon Hot Brush

Female using the Revlon Hot Brush
Salon-quality styling.

The Revlon Hot Brush takes volume to a new level, eliminating the need to hold a brush in one hand and a hair dryer in the other.

With Tik Tok to thank for its growing popularity, the unique oval-shaped brush design delivers volume, shine and a gorgeous silky bounce.

It has quickly become the go-to hair tool for adding body to dull, lifeless hair.

Hair Accessories

Jumbo Headbands

Female wearing the jumbo headband.
Dress-up any outfit.

As a nod to 90s fashion, headbands have made a comeback and this time they are bigger than ever…literally.

Jumbo headbands are padded, giving them a bit more height than the average headband would.

They are the perfect Sunday-brunch-with-the-squad accessory and come in countless styles so they are super easy to pair with any outfit.

Butterfly Clips

Female wearing colourful butterfly clips in her hair.
The more colours the better!

Butterfly clips are another classic throwback to the late 90s and early 2000s.

These childhood accessories are full of personality and can be utilised to add a touch of playfulness to any look.

The resurgence of butterfly clips have also paved a path to explore a range of new hairstyles and hair textures.

Hair Styles

E-Girl Streaks

Cartia Mallan with e-girl streaks
Cartia Mallan showing off her stunning pink E-Girl streaks.

E-Girl streaks have become one of 2020’s most beloved hair styles yet.

The hairstyle consists of dying two face-framing streaks of hair a brightly contrasting colour to the rest of your head.

When it comes to rocking this look, bold is better.

Curtain Bangs

Instagram model with curtain bangs.
The go-to look of the season.

In an ode to the 70s, curtain bangs have made a comeback.

Thanks to Tik Tok, the middle-part, side swept-bangs have become another go-to style to request from the hair salon.

Flattering for all face shapes and hair textures, this hairstyle is known as the gateway to bangs so if you needed a sign to change up your look, here it is.

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