The Best Hairstyle According To Your Face Shape

Fringes are a super quick way of lending symmetry and balance in the quest for an oval face shape, which is considered the perfect face shape.

Certain angles, lengths and textures can give the impression of a wider/shorter/softer face, depending on what you are trying to achieve.

So what are the best fringes for different face shapes?

Franck Provost Education and Talent Manager Virginie Gayssot gives us the low down on how to find the perfect cut according to your face shape.


Considered the ‘perfect’ face shape, those lucky ovals have the luxury of being able to wear almost any haircut and fringe. “Some oval face shapes tend to be quite long,” Virginie adds, “so in that case a full blunt fringe cut straight across can be visually flattering because it widens the face. Keep the length low, skimming the eyebrows, for the best results.”

If you have a high forehead, opt for a side fringe, as creating a diagonal angle on the face will keep the focus on your centre features, like your eyes and lips, instead of the forehead or lower part of the face.


A longer side fringe is especially flattering on a round face, which is often wider on the cheeks and soft around the edges.

The angle of the fringe creates length in the face so it becomes more of an oval shape. If you’re after an edgy look, try a micro fringe, which is a short version that finishes higher above the brow.

This visually elongates your face by leaving ample space between where the fringe finishes and the brow starts. On the subject of side fringes, Virginie says: “This is a convenient way to try a fringe without too much commitment. If you decide a fringe isn’t for you, it will only take a couple of weeks for the style to grow out so you can tuck it behind your ears.”


Fringes are all about creating illusions and balance. For a square shaped face, which tends to be wider on the cheeks and more angular around the jawline, the idea is to soften the angles and bring attention to the eyes.

“This can be achieved with a soft A-shaped fringe, which is slightly shorter and feathered in the centre to reveal a hint of forehead, then tapered down with longer layers at each side,” Virginie suggests.


Just like a heart, this shape is wider at the temple and narrow at the chin. You can wear a classic straight across fringe at eyebrow-skimming length, as per the oval face, however rather than a blunt finish, the idea is to keep the fringe long and softly textured. “Many people with heart shapes faces tend to have a widow’s peak or cowlick in the centre of their hairline, so this type of fringe helps weigh down any cowlicks so that the hair lies flat,” Virginie says. “The texturizing breaks up the horizontal line, which stops the forehead looking wider and brings attention to the eyes.”

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