These Are The Biggest Hair Trends to Rock in Autumn



According to the latest NYC runway looks, 70s hair styles will reign as one of the hottest hair looks globally.

Other popular looks for hair will range from braided pigtails paired with work suits, deep side parts are a must, and out-of-the-ordinary pearl and crystal embellishments will unquestionably add a pretty, of-the-moment touch for any Autumn look.

Check out the latest six hair trends for Autumn below:

The Wet Hair Look:

Slick shiny hair was seen everywhere from Chanel to Lanvin on recent runways and is easily achieved for any length or type of hair.

Apply a generous amount of hair gel combed through cleanly washed hair, making sure to start from root to ip. Use a fine tooth comb for better application of the gel. Finish with a glossing spray or a shine-enhancing spray to keep it together

wet hair trend for 2020
The Wet Hair Look for autumn

The 70s Hair Look:

Shaggy locks of beach waves and messy girls, untying goes with this look and easily achieved with the right products.

For straight hair: Apply a small amount of leave in heat protection cream to locks and dry hair thoroughly. Then using a curling iron, randomly curl sections of your hair (not the whole head) so you have a nice mix of straight and curly hair. Leave to set for at least a few minutes before separating the curls with your fingers. Use a hair oil and some soft setting hair spray to keep style.

For already curly hair: Apply a small amount of lean in heat protection cream, then dry hair using a diffuser. Remembering to diffuse from the ends up to the roots to prevent creating any frizz. Once dry, apply a decent amount of hair oil or dry oil spray to lock in moisture and prevent hair from drying out. Spray some soft setting hairspray if heading outdoors to keep the hair from losing it’s style.

70s hair trends
Apply a small amount of lean in heat protection cream, then dry hair using a diffuser.

The Deep Side Part Look:

This is an easy look to achieve and works with any type of hair style, whether you have short or long hair, curly or straight.

To achieve the look, use the end of a thin makeup brush or hair comb and pick a section of your head you wish to part. To part, you always start from the forehead and then move back away from the forehead. Style with some hairspray to lock in the part and leave your hair flowing for a natural look. Or pin back the style into a high side pony for a more polished look.

The Natural Side Part look with a deep part (Photo by Peter White/FilmMagic)

The Pigtail Plait Look:

Yes, even adults can achieve the braided pigtail look without looking like a six year old.

On the runway braided pigtails were paired with sophisticated suits, nude based eye shadow and rich red and deep purple lipsticks. To achieve this look, part your hair evenly down the middle, all the way to the base of your head at the neck and then plait away.

Get adventurous and up the look to fishtail plaits for a more intriguing style ro your pigtails.

Pigtails Rock (Photo by SAVIKO/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

The Embellished Look:

If you have an event on like a wedding or special birthday, adorn your locks with pretty little embellishments for a feminine look.

Use anything from pearls to crystals, beads, bows and flowers. Choose your favourite hair style and then decorate with your favourite embellishments. For example, threat pearls or crystals through braids, or let your hair flow naturally with luscious locks and place pretty hair combs into a side part.

Pretty Pearled Plaits – image from

The Humble Pony Tail Look:

The good old pony tail is making a comeback for 2020. However, we aren’t referring to the good old high set one, we are going low. Long locks slicked back into low pony tails secured with fashionable accessories like ribbons and leather ties is easily achieved by anyone.

Little hair product is needed to achieve this style, unless you need to tame the locks a bit with some hair oil or leave in cream for moisture. Depending on the look wish to achieve with your pony tail remember to use the right products to help you get the look.

For straight pony tails, use a flat iron to straighten locks, For curly pony tails, use a de-frizz serum to keep curls from losing their shape.

Sleek and Sexy Pony Tails
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