Anisha Rapthi


Anisha's perfect Friday night consists of playing boardgames and sharing a laugh with her nearest and dearest while devouring some Messina ice-cream. She is passionate about learning from empowering women and can usually be found listening to podcasts, watching videos or reading articles, obsessing over whoever the latest ally is. Like most millennials, her favourite way to wind-down is to grab a yummy snack and binge-watch her favourite Netflix series.

Save The Planet With Circular Beauty

Circular beauty is the latest eco-friendly makeup and cosmetics trend to enter the zerowaste space. This new eco-conscious wave of beauty focuses on using food scraps such as old carrots, coffee grains, overripe bananas and rotting apples to create sustainable beauty products. According to OzHarvest, Australia’s top food rescue charity, in Australia “over 5 million […]

Eight Dating Terms You Probably Don’t Know

Dating terms and behaviour is an every-changing landscape. Here’s the latest: Between mindlessly swiping through different dating apps and going on a string of mediocre dates, being a millennial in the dating scene and having to keep up with fresh dating terminology every few months is exhausting. Relationship terminology is always changing to fit the […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Magnesium

From relieving anxiety to curing migraines, magnesium is the miracle mineral that helps the body function at its best. The health benefits of magnesium are widespread as it is “involved in over 600 reactions in the body”, according to expert nutritionist Franziska Spritzler from Healthline. Some of these benefits include energy creation, protein formation, gene […]

How Is Your Attachment Style Affecting Your Relationship?

Each of us has an attachment style and once you work out yours, you can improve your relationships. According to psychologists, the foundation of every adult relationship we build (platonic or romantic) is based on the attachment style we developed from our parents as a child.  The attachment theory was first established in the 1960s […]

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