Anisha Rapthi


Anisha's perfect Friday night consists of playing boardgames and sharing a laugh with her nearest and dearest while devouring some Messina ice-cream. She is passionate about learning from empowering women and can usually be found listening to podcasts, watching videos or reading articles, obsessing over whoever the latest ally is. Like most millennials, her favourite way to wind-down is to grab a yummy snack and binge-watch her favourite Netflix series.

Self Love Is Not Selfish

Need some practical steps to kick start your wellness routine? Bellabox Australia have some simple and easy ways to get your wellness routine off to a great start. Goal Writing Goals keep us accountable. Writing goals everyday serves as a form of self care as it externalises our thoughts and actualizes the process of getting […]

Pink Flags, The Make Or Break Of Your Relationship

Pink flags are small, dismissible issues that come up in the beginning of a relationship. They can be missed if you don’t do yourself a favour and take off those rose-tinted glasses once in a while. Pink flags are different to the more commonly-known red flags. Red flags are more obvious to pick up and […]

Top Exercises to Boost Your Sex Drive

Low libido A.K.A low sex drive can be a huge issue for women who are just wanting to have hot sex however many don’t realise the cure is waiting for them at the gym. Sex drive is important for natural vaginal lubrication during sex which ultimately creates a better sexual experience for everyone. Libido can […]

Are you exfoliating correctly?

Exfoliation is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the skin when used correctly. It works to rid of dry, dead skin cells as well as helping to increase blood circulation around the face. Exfoliates work best when matched with the right skin type. To achieve a radiant complexion, be cautious of over-exfoliation.   Dr […]

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