Anisha Rapthi


Anisha's perfect Friday night consists of playing boardgames and sharing a laugh with her nearest and dearest while devouring some Messina ice-cream. She is passionate about learning from empowering women and can usually be found listening to podcasts, watching videos or reading articles, obsessing over whoever the latest ally is. Like most millennials, her favourite way to wind-down is to grab a yummy snack and binge-watch her favourite Netflix series.

What Is Waterless Beauty?

The multi-billion-dollar beauty industry has recently taken it upon themselves to create waterless beauty products in an attempt to save water. The movement seeks to minimise or eliminate the use of water (aqua) as an ingredient in all beauty products.  Most products are dependent on water as a base, however in the wake of sustainable […]

Post Workout Drinks That Aren’t Just Water

Hydration is key when you’ve just finished a killer gym session, but if you could switch up that less than inspiring glass of water for something more vibrant and energising, why wouldn’t you?  Here are 5 healthy post-workout drinks to get your energy up so you can have a productive rest of the day. Watermelon […]

Simple Ways To Feel Like A Winner In Your 20s

As an inexperienced 20-something year old, the wins of adolescent life can feel elusive.   But success can indeed be found in the smaller victories that occur in everyday life. As young millennials, our downfalls can come from our impatience. We want success and we want it now. Although success can be visualised as a […]

Zero Carb Alcoholic Drinks

This could be the easiest way to enjoy night out without the calories. No carb alcoholic beverages are all the rage when it comes to drinking on a diet. So, if you want to lose weight but aren’t quite ready to give up Saturday night drinks with the girls, there is a solution. The most […]

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