The Heatless Hair Hacks We Live By

The heatless hair hacks we swear by

How to curl, wave and straighten your hair without the use of heat styling tools.

Did you know hair burns at 233°C when using heat styling tools? And the average pre-set temperature of your common hair straightener or curler is automatically set to 240°C?

Despite the use of heat protectant sprays. That’s hot. And creates a lot of stress for your hair. 

Whilst there’s no doubt heat-based hair styling tools are a hairstyling game-changer, the breakage and fizziness it causes is extremely dangerous for hair. Especially when using heat styling hair tools nearly every day.

Revlon Professional’s Stylist Jasmine Redstone, from Polly & Stone has come up with a bunch of genius hacks to achieve Salon-worthy hairstyles without any heat.

These tips are easy and use NO heat styling whatsoever.

Perfect for when you need some hair revival before your next Zoom meeting or Zoom wine party with the girls. These hacks are worth a shot. 

Curls, without a curler:

Heatless curls using heatless hair curlers
Heatless curls using heatless hair curlers (image c/ – LadyLux Steph Barron from YouTube).
  1. Get yourself a heatless hair curler set (this will allow for far better results than the sock trend we’ve seen all over TikTok)
  2. Divide your freshly washed hair into two parts whilst damp
  3. Fix the clip on the top of your head in the centre
  4. Spray in Revlon Professional’s Style Masters Memory Spray  or another holding spray you favour, and start wrapping your hair from the top around the curler, away from your face. Try to keep the hair smooth, untwisted, and untangled.
  5. Repeat process all the way to the ends of your hair
  6. Add a silk scrunchy at the bottom to secure
  7. Sleep tight and unravel the beautiful curls in the morning
  8. Run your fingers through and lightly spray again with the style masters spray and you’re set. Literally.

Straight, without a straightener:

Straighten hair without any heat
Straighten hair without any heat (image c/ – Treehugger)
  1. Wash hair with an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner and finish with a deep conditioning treatment, which will to aid in preparing and smoothing your hair. Then towel dry hair.
  2. Grab yourself a silk scarf (this naturally eliminates frizz) and some bobby pins
  3. Take a halo (circular) section around your crown and clip away
  4. Get a fine-tooth comb and start wrapping hair anti-clockwise around your head (keeping your hair as tight and smooth as possible), clip to secure.
  5. Grab your sectioned out halo and split down the middle and follow the above steps
  6. Ensure hair is secured well and smooth
  7. Tie your silk scarf around your head/hair. Make sure you remove the bobby pins once your scarf is on to prevent demarcation lines.
  8. For the best results, leave hair in place overnight 
  9. Remove the scarf and comb through in the morning to reveal silky smooth hair

Beach Waves, without a crimper:

Heatless Beach Waves
Heatless Beach Waves (image c/ – Hello Glow)
  1. Dampen your hair
  2. Divide your hair into two parts (if you have thicker hair, we recommend diving into four sections)
  3. Braid each section all the way down and secure with a small elastic band at the bottom
  4. Lightly spray with a texturising spray or light hold hairspray to hold the look. 
  5. Grab each section and wrap anti clockwise around your head, secure with a Bobby pin
  6. Tie your silk scarf around your head to finish
  7. Leave hair overnight
  8. Unwrap and comb thorough your hair with a large-toothed comb and enjoy your lovely beach waves 

Slick, without a straightener :

  1. After washing and conditioning tour hair, comb through and detangle your hair using a leave in conditioner.
  2. Add a little of your favourite hair gel (something with a light hold and doesn’t dry flaky is best) to your comb, and comb your hair away from your face until you’re happy with the smoothness.
  3. Leave to dry for 10 minutes.
  4. Come back and coat your hair with Revlon Professional’s Photo Finishers, which is a strong hold hairspray.
  5. Comb the ends and add some serum for shine. 
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