6 of The Best Lip Care Products for Winter

the best products to nourish lips

Help lips recover from the cold weather with these six lip care products for Winter

We all want smooth and silky lips, and there’s nothing worse than applying your favourite lipstick to untreated lips which are cracked and dry to reveal a very flaky finish to your pout.

To Repair:

Whether treating lips before bed at night, or using serums to keep lips hydrated throughout the day, these are the best four products to repair, restore and hydrate.

L'Action Soft Lip Scrub

L’Action Paris Soft Lip Scrub RRP $19.95

Scrub a dub dub, time to exfoliate all those flaky bits from your lips. Made from sugar crystals, Argan butter, almond butter and jojoba oil, use this oil both morning and night as required to remove icky dead skin from your lips. No hands are required, this product is in a handy application stick which allows you to apply and scrub all at once before washing off with warm water.

Naturally Serious 3-in-1 lip serum

Naturally Serious Lip Service 3 in 1 Lip Serum RRP $21.15

This lip serum is packed with powerful ingredients like vegetable-based Squalane and Shea butter to help boost hydration and natural collagen in the lips. Easily used at night to help repair whilst sleeping and light enough to wear under any lipstick in the day, the serum is non-greasy and is silky smooth to wear.

To Moisturise:

Keeping lips well hydrated and moisturised throughout the day (and night) is important if you want to keep your pout looking soft and supple.

6 Clean Pure Lip Balm products
Australian made and owned, each balm by Clean & Pure has been expertly created using only the best organic and natural ingredients possible.

100 per cent Australian made and owned, each balm by Clean & Pure has been expertly created using only the best organic and natural ingredients possible, and they are cruelty-free too. No harsh chemical ingredients like parabens, petrolatum or SLS were used to create them, so they nourish to protect and keep lips well hydrated throughout the day. They are also available in some fab flavours and scents too, like Manuka Honey, Papaya and even Rose (our fave).

Lip Colours Which Nourish:

Of course, if lip balms aren’t your thing, there are a host of great lipsticks and lip pencils which have been created to both nourish and moisturise lips, whilst adding hot pops of colour to your pout.

Nuskin Nu Colour Powerlips Fluid

Nuskin Nu Colour Powerlips Fluid RRP $39

Packed with ingredients like vitamin E, beeswax, avocado oil, natural silicones and kaolin, the name aptly describes exactly what power these liquid lipsticks deliver to your lips. They repair, hydrate, moisturise, soften, all with the right amount of colour to last long throughout the day. Unlike other liquid lipsticks, these are soft to wear on lips and easy to wear over lip balm if you’re looking for extra moisture.

Raww Cosmetics Lip pencils in nude

Raww Cometics Coconut Kiss Lip Pencils RRP $19.99

Who said you can’t eat your makeup? Okay, so maybe you can’t exactly munch on these lips pencils as snacks between meals. However, ingredients are so natural in these pencils, they are safe to consume whilst eating real food and drinking real drinks. Using superfood ingredients like coconut, avocado, almonds and then some, these pencils won’t dry out lips whilst feeding them all the nutrients they need to stay protected and hydrated.

Designer Brands Lip lock lip stian in red

Designer Brands Lip Lock Lip Stains RRP $11.99

Vegan – check, cruelty free – check, made with ingredients which won’t dry out or harm lips – check. Designer Brands are both affordable and easily accessible from any chemist, all whilst still delivering incredible results. And for that price, you could literally purchase the entire range and have a colour for each day. They are lip stains though, and although they do hydrate lips well throughout the day, we recommend still using a lip balm underneath, for easy removal at the end of the day.

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