How To Ensure Your Lip Products Last Without Drying Out Your Lips

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Like using a face primer to make foundation last longer, prepping your lips can also help lip products stay on all day.

This is the ideal order to follow to ensure your lip products stay on.

It is no secret a bold, sexy lip can complete any makeup look.

To ensure the lip colour lasts the day and night and that your lips don’t dry out, lip prep is an important step in the makeup routine.

Prepping the lips also avoids the dreaded creasing and flaking.

 The basic order of lip prep is: scrub, balm, liner, colour, then gloss. 

But let’s take a deeper dive into why it’s important to implement each step:

Lip Scrub

whilst stimulating circulation and blood flow, to temporarily plump the lips to keep the lips looking full.

The exfoliation will also smooth out creases to create a smooth surface for an even application. 

There are great options for lip scrubs to buy, but making a handmade lip scrub with just raw sugar and your choice of oil is also a great, natural alternative.

DIY Scrub: mix sugar, coconut oil and honey together for a natural alternative.

Lip Balm

A great lip balm is a beauty non-negotiable.

A good lip balm will hydrate, moisturise and seal any dry patches or cracks that can be found on the lips.

When prepping the lips for a bold lip colour, using a lip balm before will apply a smooth canvas and prevent any colour clinging to dry patches. 

The best time to apply the lip balm is before starting your makeup routine.

When applying lip balm for lipstick application, timing is important for the best results.

Applying the lip balm at least 15 minutes before applying the lipstick colour will allow the formula has enough time to sink into the skin and soften the lips. 

When looking for a lip balm, skin-softening ingredients called emollients such as shea butter, coconut butter, pure-grade lanolin and natural oils will provide more moisture and hydration.

Lip Liner

Lip liner has become a beauty staple for many for a perfect pout. 

A good lip liner application can also give the effect of plump lips, by enhancing the volume of the lips.

The first step when lining the lips is to find a lip liner that is the closest shade to the lipstick. 

Tracing the outline of the lips, then filling in the surface area with the lip liner will create a base colour for the lip colour to glide across. 

Lip Colour

The lip colour is the most important step, and arguably the best step in the lip application.

Whether it is a matte lipstick for a long lasting lip colour, or a satin/creamy lip colour for a gorgeous shine or a sheer wash of colour, finding the formula will be important in determining the desired look. 

Lip Gloss

A lip gloss can enhance the lips with a sexy shine. 

Even just a touch of shimmer on the centre of the lips can accentuate and give a plumping effect as it highlights the area.

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