Beautiful Beauty Gifts For Two this Valentines

One gift to share can be twice as fun this Valentines Day.

Some Valentines Day Gifts for Two.
Finding someone to have a relationship with can be tough enough,  so don’t sweat the small stuff and get frazzled this Valentines Day.

Boost the connection and fun with these luxe but fun gifts which will be a reminder of each other every day.

Citrus face scrub even he will like:

This sweet citrus blend energizes the senses, and exfoliates the skin for both of you. After it has been used, your  skin glows and your face will  feel clean, smooth and energised. Apply to a clean face, scrub in circular motion, sit back, and enjoy a relaxing moment together whilst your impurities melt away… and rinse off. Can be used in the shower.

Ole Henriksen, Truth Sugar Glow Polishing Mask, 100g $58

Bubbling Over:

There’s nothing overly feminine about this olive oil-based body soap paste you’ll both be fighting for in the shower. Its natural, refreshing fragrance leaves you feeling like you are at a luxurious Balinese spa retreat in the comfort of your own home. Massage over the whole body then rinse thoroughly with water, whilst enjoying the reinvigorating fresh scent of eucalyptus. Great after a workout.

L’Occitane, Rebalancing Black Soap, 170g $28

Fresh Fragrance:

The Aromatherapy Company know how to create fragrance, and this calming and hydrating lotion contains essential oils perfect for massaging or winding down in the evening. Its natural concoction of avocado, manuka honey, cocoa and vanilla will help create a harmonising note to your Valentine’s Day, as well as leaving your skin feeling soft and nourished. And show us a couple who don’t enjoy a massage together.

The Aromatherapy Co, Cocoa & Vanilla Body Lotion, 200ml $29

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