Aussie PR Roxy Jacenko’s Beauty Routine (she only uses her clients products)



Australian business-woman PR maven, socialite and author Roxy Jacenko claims she only uses products she promotes in her daily beauty routine.

Known for her appearance on the third season of The Celebrity Chef, and her regular inclusion in Sydney’s gossip columns, Roxy is the founder of  Sweaty Betty, Public relations, and a mum of two.

Now an Ambassador for beauty brand DU’IT, whilst spending some quality time with her family travelling in Europe last month, Roxy took the time to chat with BB writer Rebecca Wilkinson about her skincare and beauty routine and the importance of maintaining a good daily routine; even from a young age, and especially whilst travelling.

How important do you think skincare is?

“Its key, I don’t think it’s about overdoing your regime but more so doing what works for the individual – I have never been one for a 10-step program, I have friends who are, I just simply don’t have the time.”

What age did you start REALLY taking care of your skin?

“I was quite lazy when I was younger, I remember my mum used to buy me every face wash under the sun hoping to sort out the standard pimply faced teenager issues – I refused to use any of it – it wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s I put in place a regular program – Cleanser and Moisturiser daily.”

At what age do you think girls (or young women) should start taking skincare seriously?

“I think in the teens is important, I mean I look back now and had I of taken care of my skin I would have minimised those horrid years of being a pimply faced teen!”

How do you manage a good skincare routine whilst travelling?

“It’s easy to neglect your skin while travelling, however I always ensure I pack my key beauty essentials when I go on holiday. The one skincare routine I maintain even on holiday is twice daily moisturising to ensure my skin remains hydrated. I use DU’IT VE+ Vitamin E Face Cream as it contains 6 times the potency of standard vitamin E cream.

I also love DU’IT Tough Hands for Her for my hands and DU’IT Roll on Heel Balm for my feet as they are travel size products and fit conveniently in your carry on”

What is your essential go to skincare guide for travelling?

“The plane can be very dehydrating, so I always ensure I drink lots of water and opt for green tea over coffee. I like to keep it simple on holiday, so I only wash my face with water and remove makeup with Enjo make up remover disks which also doubles as a cleanser.

According to the Enjo website, Roxy is the WA face of the brand. Vitamin D also works wonders, so I always ensure I get out in the sun (with SPF on my face and body), so I return from my holiday glowing.”

Do you have any hero skincare products you use, and why those products?

“Being time poor, I need an at-home solution to ensure my face, hands and feet are always in good condition, year-round. I love the DU’IT skincare range designed specifically for women. With no added petrolatum, parabens, lanolin, allergens or irritants, this range of products are a rapid-relief solution for dry skin, heel cracks and chapped, sore hands.”

What about hero beauty products (outside of skincare products)?

“I like to tan weekly, as when I have a tan I look and feel 10 kg lighter! I used to swear by salon tans until I became a mum and didn’t have the time for that luxury. I now apply Skinny Tan 7 Day Ultra Dark weekly to upkeep a natural glow (Roxy was named as the Skinny Tan Ambassador in November 2017). I get my teeth whitened every 6 months, there is nothing better than a great smile.

It’s so easy to do with teeth whitening services like Sparkling White Smile  (one of Roxy’s clients at her agency Sweaty Betty)that come directly to you any day of the week – we even have them come into our office for touch ups!” 

Do you have any strange beauty tips or skincare habits you want to share?

“I recommend you ditch all the makeup removers and use the Enjo seamless makeup remover pads with water only – your skin will love you for it! I like to switch up my foundation brands regularly, I find my skin is better when I use a variety of different foundations during the week. Ensure you have a summer and a winter foundation colour as there’s nothing worse than the summer foundation being used on pasty winter skin.

I find that Napoleon China Doll is an ideal summer colour (in shade 3 and 4 mixed) as it has an SPF in it, and for winter Armani Sheer Veil is my go-to. A hack for those who suffer from break outs is to wash your makeup brushes weekly to keep your skin clear. Dirty tools make can result in pimples, and no one has time for that! Manicare  (another of Roxy’s client’s in her business) has a great range of brush cleaning tools which work really well.”

From morning to evening, what is your general day to day beauty and skincare routine?

“In the morning, I’m very no fuss as I’m on the go, getting my kids ready for school. I jump in the shower and do a quick freshen up with Enjo make up remover disks and water. I always ensure I apply the concentrated and anti-ageing DU’IT VE+ Vitamin E Face Cream first thing. Packed with essential antioxidants, vitamin E is a beauty must-have for a healthy, glowing complexion.

It neutralises free radicals and helps the skin look younger by boosting collagen production. When it comes to the evening, my step-by-step routine is somewhat more detailed. I often have a full face of makeup from events, so it’s important for my nightly routine I remove all my makeup, including false eyelashes, gel eyeliner and foundation, with the Sante by Enjo make up remover disks – I don’t like to use harsh make up remover on my face. I love moisturiser and even apply if I wake up in the middle of the night!”

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