Fool-Proof Tech To Turn You Into a Selfie Pro (including a free editing app)

the best tech to help you take good selfies

Need a little help finding the right type of tech to shoot the perfect selfie, photo or video for your social content?

Makeup – check, lighting – check, camera – check. Camera stand – oh no… Maybe you don’t have the right type of equipment to help you balance your iPhone to help you film the best vlog ever, or take the best selfie pic for your instagram.

Three or four years ago, it was challenging to find the right products to help film and/or take photos. Either you had to purchase everything overseas, or you had to break into your savings to purchase what you needed to create good content.

A lot has changed. From the tech in your own iPhone (or Samsung, depending which way you sway), to the apps you can now download for editing photos and images. Even ring lights, used by most beauty influencers are now more accessible, and easy to buy without spending too much money. So you can create the perfect lighting for selfies, photos and for video content.

To help you nail your next selfie, photo, video, or whatever type of content you are creating, we have sourced the best of the best type of tech, including including a free editing app, you’ll want to add to your arsenal – you’ll be an expert pro in film in video in no time.

And we have some few hair and makeup tips at the end of the featured tech (below) to help get you started.

Flex 180 Blush S1 Flex Pre Order

RRP $39.99

Click here to purchase.

This device is the ultimate experience when using your tablet or phone to record videos, take selfies or other photos.

It has an adjustable heigh and you can change the angle of camera with this stand as well. Best suited when filming makeup tutorials or taking selfies, as it sits best on a desk at shoulder or head level.

Silver S4 Phone & Tablet Floor Stand

RRP $199

Click here to purchase.

Perfect for recording videos where you are standing, or taking full length selfies, portraits and other photos. The stand both bends and stands straight, making it ideal for when you want to take flat lay photos.

The stands provides a sturdy structure support for screen touching actions whilst filming and taking photos.

Target Cygnett Vlogging V-Pro 10inch LED Red Light

RRP $99

Click here to purchase.

Operated with a remote control, this ring light is operated via bluetooth technology, making it easier than ever to take photos of yourself, film your vlogs and videos and other other content you want.

V-Pro will entirely change the look and feel of your pictures, including glamour shoots, make-up tutorials, portraits, and selfies, and a great price too.

LumaFusion Video Editing App

RRP $46.99

Click here to download now.

You’ve heard of iMovie I’m sure, but have you heard of LumaFusion. Once you try this app, you won’t want to try any other for your video editing. It can be downloaded onto both your phone and your laptop, so you can edit videos on the go and at home.

Rated as one of the best. The app also comes with a host of tutorial to help you make the best videos. It’s no wonder this app has been rated number 1.

MIX Photo Editor & Filters

RRP $FREE with in-app purchases for additional features.

Click here to download now.

With loads of filters to help you articulate and create an aesthetically pleasing display of images for your socials, especially with instagram, using specialised colour blocking themes, you can let you imagination run wild with this app when it comes to editing your photos.

Note: There are limited air brushing tools for selfies on this app. However, they do have a variety of presets under portfolio which help you look your best.

Hair must always be styled. Especially when it comes times to taking a selfie and using a ring light. Ring lights use LED technology, so they show everything. You will want to make sure your hair is the best it can be. And if you didn’t have time to get it styled, a messy bun is the best alternative, as it will hide frizzy curls and oily roots in seconds.

For your makeup, stay away from oil-based foundations. Or apply a thin layer of powder foundation or finishing/setting powder over your foundation if the foundation is not matte.

This will stop the shine. Shine is where the LED lighting or camera lights will reflect your oily spots on the face, generally located on the chin and forehead – which never look good.

TIP: For a natural soft glow, only apply finishing powders to your oily zones, including the chin and forehead and leave the cheeks nice and soft, with some cream blush or highlighter.

Now you’re ready to check out some of the latest tech, gadgets and apps to help you deliver high quality and expert level content.

Rebecca Wilkinson

Beauty Editor

Rebecca is a freelance content creator and beauty editor for Bondi Beauty. She is a pescatarian, who may yet become vegan. She loves all things beauty, health & travel, has a weakness for coffee and is obsessed with cats and yoga. If she's not answering her mobile - it's probably because she's trying out the latest beauty trend, like massaging crushed pearls into her skin for the ultimate collagen and vitamin boost to skin cells.

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