How to Contact Your Local MP and Why You Should

Rob Stokes is the member for Pittwater, located on the Northern Beaches on Sydney

Have you ever felt less than satisfied by something in your local community? Contacting your Local Member for Parliament may help.

All MP’s are expected to take community input seriously, it’s part of their job description. You can find out who your local MP is by a quick google search, or through this website.

Rob Stokes is a member of the Legislative Assembly (Lower House) and represents the electorate of Pittwater in Parliament. He was interviewed for this piece.

According to the Parliament of NSW the role of a Local MP is to ‘make representations to Ministers on behalf of local organisations and individuals; support provision of local services and facilities from government funds; be involved in local functions and meetings, and support local organisations and events; attend party branch/local supporters meetings.’

Two women in suits looking at their watches. It's about time there was equal representation of men and women in parliament.
You could ask about female representation (or lack there of) in Parliament.

Why you should contact your local MP

You should contact your local MP if you have an issue with something in your community that you think they could amend.

MP’s are busy people, but you are a tax paying citizen. You deserve to have your input into their decision making process.

Bondi Beach Icebergs Pool.
Do you want a better beach?

Stokes explains, “as the Local Member for Pittwater I am able to assist a Constituent with any issue they may be experiencing. If not a State issue, I can often suggest a more appropriate authority to contact for assistance.”

How to contact your local MP

Whether you organise a face to face meeting, write a letter, make a phone call or send an email, asking your local MP to implement a specific change can make a big difference to the things that matter to you.

Stokes says, “you can contact your local MP by emailing or calling their Electorate Office.  Contact details for each Local MP may be found on the website.”

There is no planet B, climate protest sign.
Do you think your local community could be doing more about climate change?

If writing a letter or email remember to:

  • Use the correct title.
  • Introduce yourself and the issue that you would like to see addressed.
  • Keep it brief.
  • Use your own words.
  • Be polite.
  • Tell them what you want them to do.
  • Provide your contact details.
  • Be patient and follow up if you have not received a response after one month.

The reality is government, politics and policy impacts nearly every aspect of our lives whether we like it or not. Becoming an informed voter and advocating for changes you want to see in your community or on a larger scale could be made possible by contacting your local MP today.

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