MasterClass, yep, it’s well worth it.

Sending big thanks to my friend who recommended MasterClass to me, it is the thinking woman’s Netflix.

Learning from Anna Wintour,  Martin Scorsese, Annie Lebowitz, Christina Aguilera, Natalie Portman, Dan Brown and Serena Williams (and plenty more) was a temptation I could not resist.

MasterClass is an on-line platform offering on-demand learning covering just about every subject imaginable from the world’s best.

The diverse range of subjects on offer includes film making, thriller writing,  photography, negotiation, guitar, interior design, public speaking, the environment and more. And it’s just $180 for a year’s subscription.

There is nothing better than opening and growing the mind, especially during these times which, lets be honest,  are starting to get very boring and repetitive.

MasterClass has saved me.

green chair against brick wall with vine falling down and books on table
Put the books away, spending time on MasterClass is the world’s best way to study.

I have two university degrees, and was not in a hurry to go back to study, which was one reason MasterClass didn’t initially appeal. But this is so much more than that.

To me MasterClass is a cross between reality TV, documentary and on-line learning. It is the thinking woman’s Netflix, entertainment with the undercurrent of intelligent facts and new skills.

This is online learning at a whole new level. Each course is divided into 20-25 bite sized chunks of content. Courses vary in length, and run between 2-5 hours in total.

All have workbooks plus direct access to an on-line community of people studying the same course.

So if you have questions with anything the hosts say, you can ask others for their opinion.

The film, editing and presentation quality is first class, and the information is just excellent.

It is tempting to binge watch many of the courses, especially the cooking (Gordon Ramsey leads the charge there), but I have found sitting through 2 sessions a day on each of the courses taking notes and doing the workbooks helps drill the information in.

woman hand writing in book surrroudning by books
A workbook and pens and paper is helpful when watching MasterClass.

Thursdays during the Covid-19 lockdown, MasterClass have hosted live interviews with some of their biggest names, and last week Anna Wintour and one of her staffers chatted about fashion post-covid, which was insightful.

This is definitely the best $180 I have spent this year and let’s face it, what else is there to spend money on?

Classes you must check out: Dan Brown’s Thriller Writing MasterClass, Martin Scorsese Filmmaking MasterClass, Margaret Atwood teaches Creative Writing MasterClass, Judy Blume teaches Writing Master Class, Howard Schulz (founder of Starbucks) teaches entrepreneur, Gordon Ramsay teaches Cooking, Wolfgang Puck teaches cooking, Christina Aguilera teaches singing, Steve Martin teaches comedy.

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