Review of Teslaformer: The Quickest Way to Tone Up

Why the Teslaformer is worth signing up for to tone and shape your body.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve tried it all when it comes to body treatments – and there are plenty out there that don’t live up to their claims. Until the creation of the Teslaformer.

But when I was invited to try the Teslaformer Body tone treatment at Body Catalyst, I decided to give it a go, and it was worth the effort. It definitely toned my booty muscles – and fast.

The technology uses functional magnetic stimulation to stimulate involuntary muscle contraction to specific areas of the body. This means it delivers magnetic energy to the peripheral nerve of the muscle so that it contracts up to 100% of its strength – whilst you sit there doing literally nothing.

Translated, this means the muscle it is targeting is contracting to 100% of its capability, which is impossible to achieve with regular exercise on your own. The body will only allow you to use the muscle up to 40% naturally. And there’s not a drop of sweat involved.

Renae having Teslaformer treatment at Body Catalyst Bondi Junction, (here she is trying it on the tummy).

The feeling is a bit like a massage that pushes sand pulls your muscles very quickly.

The contractions are specifically targeting and focussed on the smaller muscles, so that no other larger muscles are used, which means no sweating. It also means it is very targeted and your smaller muscles tone up very quickly.

The Teslaformer can treat several areas including the buttox, abs, hips and quads. There is also another chair designed to address pelvic floor issues.

I signed up for 10 booty (buttox) sessions.

Renae having the Teslaformer treatments on her booty at Body Catalyst

This involved attending Body Catalyst at Bondi Junction every second day for 30 minutes whilst my muscles were hooked up to a machine and then “agitated” continually. It was easy to do, not painful, and actually quite relaxing.

A quirk of the machine is that you can’t use your mobile phone when you’re on it, so relaxation is enforced – a great thing for a busy mind and personality like mine.

After 6 sessions, I noticed a difference when running, as I felt like I had more strength to climb hills and my glutes somehow felt stronger.

I didn’t notice massively similar changes visually in my body (but I am very fit), but it definitely felt stronger and the teslaformer did have a significant effect on the muscles throughout the treatment time.

I imagine this would be a great treatment after an injury or if someone was very unfit and wanting to get back into fitness and to get stronger.

It is not cheap – sessions are $400 – $700 per session depending on what package you buy.

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Teslaformer at Body Catalyst.
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