Road test: The NEW Fitness Classes To Get Your Summer Body Back.

Getting back into fitness isn’t easy right now, but these are the three classes I am road testing, and are just what you need to get your summer body back.


For girls who just want to have fun

This all girl training group fitness club takes the testosterone and a lot of the associated stress right out of training. I’m road testing the Surry Hills club which kicks off each morning at a very respectable 630am. Classes use body weight, actual weights and others are cardio focussed. Each class is different.

There is a screen with videos playing if each move so you get it right, and the trainer moves around the room. The moves are specifically designed for women’s bodies and all have different beats form 80’s to 90’s, current mixes and beyond. I really like the privacy and calm but fun this whole club exudes. 

Infinite Cycle

For cycle addicts 

There’s something fabulous about cycling in the dark first thing in the morning. Infinite cycle is bursting with energy, with excellent, loud, disco style music and a race to follow on the small screens which you and your bike are in. The “race” varies with each class and the overall intensity changes too.  This completely takes your mind off the sweat and pain you are enduring.

At the end of every class you get a complete summation of calories burned, your pace and is on so you know where to improve. 

Inpuls, Bondi Junction

For people who don’t want to sweat much 

This is the easiest and most fun way to get fit-but you do put in an effort, albeit for just 20 minutes a session. EMS or electronic muscle stimulation is a trend from Europe where you wear a jacket and tights sprayed with water and are then plugged into a machine to work out all of the little muscles in your body. 

It is fantastic if you are injured, for an extra session or two a week to add into your program or for a low key way to workout. Love it. The Bondi Junction outlet is run by Christoph who is excellent fun and knows how to squeeze the most out of everyone.

REVL Fitness

For Serious Training

This group training is not for the faint hearted. Revl is high performance full weights training and kicks off at 530am. Boom. It is tough, but the instructors are super helpful and patient, and teach new members how to do the weights and circuits to ensure maximum benefit and no injuries.

This is the boutique gym and group fitness classes to go to to seriously tone up and get uber fit. And if toned bodies are your thing – there are plenty of them here. Each class is 45 minutes, and involves both weights and cardio.

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