An Easy Way To Inject More Plants In Your Diet

Adding more plant based food to your diet sounds easy, but in reality it can be difficult.

A fab new home food delivery business Thank Fork can help in more ways than one.

Anyone who follows my writing knows I have been pretty wild about Wildfit lately, a 90 day health transformation program I went on last October and have adopted into my every day living.

It is the health program that promotes weight loss, a more youthful look, and more energy. The Wildfit program doesn’t believe in a lot of exercise, but does advocate for a balanced, educated, mindful and intelligent approach to food.

You can still eat meat on the program, but the one foundation it is built on is a huge injection of plant based foods. I have a green juice at least once a day every day for example.

Thank Fork plant based home delivery meals.

Plant based food has been a buzz word in health, fitness and celebrity circles for some time now with everyone from Ariana Grande, to Lewis Hamilton, Miley Cyrus and Simon Cowell swearing by it, and many converting to a fully vegan diet.

Whilst vegan is not for me, at least not right now, injecting more plants into my existing diet was a real challenge.

A fab new home food delivery business Thank Fork can help in more ways than one.
A fab new home food delivery business Thank Fork is packed with fresh, plant based ingredients

Recently I was sent some meals from Thank Fork, an affordable and easy plant-based meal home delivery service which was a huge help.

Mum of twins Faith Forster founded the business after getting gestational diabetes after having twins. The diabetes led her to become vegetarian and then completely plant-based, and then led to her new business.

Having the meals delivered was not only super handy, but the unique recipes and meals helped me become more creative about what I could eat.

Plant based doesn’t mean only salads and green juices. Thank Fork delivered vegetarian burgers with “beef” brisket, marinated sushi bowl (yes, no fish), and mushroom shawarma. The experience was revolutionary.

Clever chefs have found multiple ways to make plants taste so much like meat, and to make fabulous, fun, delicious recipes for the whole family. And it made me realise I can be a whole lot more creative with healthy, plant based meals.

It is not early as challenging as I thought it was.

I have since made vegetarian bolognaise buying plant based mince from the supermarket, as well as plant based tacos and wraps.

I definitely recommend Thank Fork, but it’s important we all eat more plants. And if you’re not concerned about your own health, then think about the planet.

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