How to Achieve a Pressure-Point Massage at Home

a woman demonstrating the meditative effects of an AlignMat

The founder of an at home massage therapy mat explains how you can achieve an at home massage.

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There is a strong likelihood massage clinics will still closed for a while, even with the relaxation on many lockdown restrictions across Australia. Sigh! I miss my local Chinese Massage clinic, where on my mental days of stress and anxiety, I could walk in and get an hour massage for under $60 and walk away feeling sky high.

Looking for ways to deal with muscle tension, stress and anxiety at home can be challenging, and although an occasional massage from my partner Greg has come in handy, mixed the occasional magnesium and epsom salt infused baths, nothing beats a massage from your favourite therapist – sorry Greg, but you’ll never make it as a massage therapist.

Of course, if you’re looking for a change in career, becoming a massage therapist might also be an easy way to learn how to treat not just yourself at home, but your loved ones as well. It can be both rewarding and exciting to start a new venture by developing a business of your own, where you are your own boss.

The TSA offers a blend of local and online classes to teach you how to become a massage therapist.

If that’s not your thing and you’re happy with your job already, then looking for alternative ways to get the perfect treatment at home, is the next best thing.

The AlignMat Acupressure Mat has been exactly what I’ve needed to help alleviate stress, tension and muscles aches and pains from my body, and it could be what you need too.

If you don’t know what an acupressure mat is, they are mats designed with very fine plastic spikes (not as painful as you think). These spikes are scattered all over the mat and as you lay your body across the mat, these spikes then work into the muscles of the body, giving you your very own at home pressure point like massage.

They can be used under sheets for sleeping should you live with chronic pain, or used thirty minutes a day to alleviate any stress to tension from the muscles after a long day.

Jean, the founder of the mat; and a country girl from Western Australia has always been interested in mental and physical health and wellbeing.

AlignMat acupressure mat for at home massage treatment
Exploring varying ancient traditions of breathing, meditation and acupuncture, Jean found there was a real niche in the market of at-home acupuncture therapies which can assist in maintaining optimum health at home.

“My main interest has and always will be centred around both mental and physical health, I personally believe mediation should be betaught in every school across the country. My interest in this area has to lead me to explore deeply in breathing techniques, tapping and acupressure! Despite never taking a commercial approach with these concepts until the AlignMat, I have always been a strong advocate of these practices to others close to me.” She says.

“Health has always been something I have taken very seriously, including mental health. I meditate twice a day (strongly recommend this for people of all ages including children), and stay as physically active as I can.

I am blessed to have only had a few minor health scares in my life, but have seen many close to me suffer from all sorts of health issues, this includes my late husband.

When I learnt about the technology behind other acupressure mat brands and its benefits I felt it was such an amazing product, and I was compelled to create the business for the people of Australia.”

The concept of the acupressure mats is based on that of an ancient bed of nails, created by the hold men of India. And although the idea of the mat was not originally Jean’s creation, she was one of the first to bring it to life here in Australia.

“Ancient Indian culture had great knowledge on the inner body, chakra points and what some would call metaphysical science. I know to say this puts me at risk of being a hippie (a phrase I have been called many times before) but the positive results of medicines of the ancient world can’t be denied.

a close up of the AlignMat
In terms of designing the Mat, I looked to the bed of nails for inspirational, as well as the acupressure mats in the US, from there it was simply sourcing the right materials.

This was by far the hardest part, getting all the right components together turned out to be more challenging than I first expected. However I persisted and thanks to years of sewing up school uniforms I had the appropriate skills to create the first AlignMat, one of my daughters has it I believe.  From there with the help of my grandson we were able to get the AlignMat manufactured and distributed across Australia.” She says.

Sine its release, Jean has had dozens of people reach out to her, expressing how much better they feel after using the mat. Especially anyone who had irrational sleeping patterns, muscle pain, and especially stress.

“I even had one lady who had just given birth and found the acupressure mat to help with her cellulite. For me, personally, the most noticeable difference I have felt is the lack of pain in my neck! In the past, I was having serious neck issues, especially when I woke up in the morning, since incorporating the AlignMat into my daily routine it has completely disappeared.

Acupressure is a proven form of therapy for a number of things, so a DIY acupressure mat you can expect to see similar results as if you were seeing an acupuncturist.”

Since its success, Jean is now looking at ways in which she can incorporate other Eastern concepts with acupressure into society. Such as acupressure gaming equipment for kids.

“Some very early idea that I am looking into is incorporating the lotus-shaped pressure points into other everyday items. Imagine a video game remote control with acupressure on it.

This would obviously have smaller pressure points and way less of them to ensure there is still comfort while gaming. However, the acupressure point effect would hypothetically lead to fewer hand cramps and pain while also stimulating blood flow.

This is a bit of an out-there idea at the moment, but as acupressure mat become more common in daily life I am confident more markets and innovations will appear.”

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