I Was Hypnotised And This Is What Happened.

I’ve never been afraid to try alternative treatments, so when hypnosis came along, I thought; why not?

The Mayo clinic describes hypnosis as a trance-like state that heightens focus and concentration. It has been used for centuries for pain control and to reduce anxiety. 
Scientific studies have showed different people are more or less able to be hypnotised.

I interviewed the world renowned psychologist Marisa Peer in London, and she espouses the virtues of hypnosis to change your thinking on almost every level you can think of. 

Sydney’s Claire Hall from Authentic Empowerment has studied the Marisa Peer method and I entrusted her to put me under and take me on the hypnosis journey.

I didn’t need to give up smoking or drinking or any other vice, but I did need to change my attitude towards spending money and had some issues around relationships.

What happened before the session; Claire gave me a preparation recording to listen to a minimum of 4 times before the session. It was a mini meditation to help make the actual hypnosis easier to get into. 

I had to fill out a form with details about the hypnosis and what we hoped to get from the session. 

The hypnosis; It took place on a lay-back chair, almost like a bed, and before we started Claire and I chatted about the issues we were about to address. 

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The hypnosis started with a similar meditation to what was on the preparation tape and I easily sank into a state of deep calm.

Claire asked me carefully crafted questions and I was stunned at my responses. The responses came from my subconscious, not my conscious thoughts. So I could hear the words, but my sub-conscious was saying them out loud.

I was not actively in control of what I was saying. It blew me away.

Over two hours she drew stories out of me from my past that I had not thought about in decades since the actual event happened.

There were five stories in total from my past which I talked about in detail. These stories came out naturally and in an involuntary way, then she asked me questions tor really draw information out of me about these significant moments in my life.

I had not even thought about several of the stories since they actually happened. So years before. Then Claire related the events from my past with events of my current life and my current thought patterns.

It was my subconscious Claire spoke to but I was awake – and my conscious mind was listening to my subconscious chat freely in amazement. Yes, it was out there. I was talking but not really choosing what I was saying – almost like involuntary speaking.

And two hours was a very long time to be in that state, but the words and stories from my subconscious kept on coming and I could have gone longer.

Afterwards I was super tired, and Claire made a recording for me to take home.

Hypnosis can change your life.

After the session: I was absolutely exhausted and went back to work for a very low key afternoon. I went to bed early, and had to listen to the tape Claire made for me.

I have committed to listening to the tape daily for 21 days, which is not an issue. I listen to it at night and usually fall asleep.

So has it worked? Truth is after 2 weeks it is too soon to call it, but it was certainly an incredible and seemingly life changing experience at the time, and made me realise I still have a lot of personal development work to do.

It also made me see how strong and relevant the subconscious mind is, and how much is stored in our minds yet we are unaware that it is.

I’ll report back again in a while, but so far it was definitely worth the effort, and what a great way to start the new year – with a whole new awareness and attitude to life.

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Renae Leith-Manos

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