Wildfit; How To Change Your Life in 90 Days

brunette woman with green juice

In many ways Wildfit is one of the easiest ways to transform your body, mind and life. And unlike exotic health retreats, it is all done within your normal life and environment.

Most people around me regard me as one of the fittest, healthiest and probably most disciplined people when it comes to health and fitness.

I’ve been to leading health retreat Chivasom in Thailand, other reterats in India, Sri Lanka, Europe and the US in a quest to improve my health, and stayed at some of the world best retreats.

Brunette woman with green juice.
Renae with a Wildfit Green Juice.

But with Wildfit I did it all in the confines of my own, regular life here in Sydney, so that the changes implemented were far easier to maintain in the long run.

Wildfit is the health and nutrition program that took not only my health but my life to the next level. Doing Wildift made my life so much better. And it doesn’t involve any exercise.

Think green juices, clean eating, lots of water, lots of vegetables – even meat stays firmly ON the menu.

So often we think of health as one dimensional; simply losing weight by reducing the vices. We don’t put our time or energy into thinking about the negative effects of certain foods, the wrong nutrition, bad health habits and why we are making these choices and how society historically has contributed to our decisions around them.

Take Christmas for example – plum pudding is a Christmas staple, but we never stop and ask why, and then if it is necessary let alone healthy.

And then the broader impact our daily thoughts have on our overall life habits, body weight and even achievements.

Wildfit helps you lose weight fast with the simplest and easiest tips.

Wildfit gives you a new perspective on just about everything in your life from your ambitions to your goals, relationships and every day habits. 

The Wildfit Program and all that it entails gives you energy, but also reduces anxiety in a way I haven’t experienced on any other program. I didn’t go on Wildift to lose weight, but everyone who does loses kilos, and my appearance changed for the better. 

Everyone around me keeps commenting on my now glowing skin, my weight loss and I’m even being told I’m much more present I am now. And it’s as a direct result of 90 days on a program I regard as the best nutritional program in the world.

So what is it? Wildfit is a program designed to educate and support you in your quest of a better life. 

woman in black top and black pants
Renae whilst on Wildfit looking healthier and leaner.

Rather than simply saying; “eat more greens they’re good for you”, the program’s curator and creator Eric Edemeades goes into detailed information about the evolutionary reasons why we should or shouldn’t eat certain foods. 

He talks about the effect of a whole range of different foods on the body, and backs up what he says with science. In some cases the genetic evolution and history of food is discussed. It is educational and interesting.

The other positive about the program is that it is incremental. There’s no major overnight changes -everything happens gradually. 

Renae on Wildfit, the global health program.

Another subtle but real bonus of Wildfit is that you end up with a whole lot of self-love. 
Spending 3 months prioritising yourself for yourself with food shopping, food preparation and eating is damn good for the soul.

And one day you wake up with more clarity, energy, and a better sense of what is important for your health in order to get the most out of life.

Click here to find out more about how to easily and quickly change your life.

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