Do You Suffer from a Fear of Failure?

the fear of failure will stop you doing great things

Entrepreneur John Carter tells us how to think differently to get what we want.

From visual affirmations to meditation and mind games, John Carter has some creative ways on how you can beat the fear of failure once and for all. 

 Q: How do we face our fear of failure?

#1 Play a game of opposite thinking

This may seem like a crazy suggestion but it really does work! I use this technique whenever I become aware of my thoughts turning ugly.

For example, replace thoughts of,   “I’m never going to be able to master this new side project and I don’t have the energy to move forward with it” and replace with opposite thinking and use it as an affirmation like, “This may take me some time to get off the ground but I’m more than willing and patient because it will allow me more financial freedom and flexibility of time to spend with friends and family.” (Whatever your WHY is)

#2 Use visualization and affirmations

As an example, imagine in every detail, what your life will be like when you have achieved the success that you covert. How will you feel? How is your life different to what it is now?

You can also try the following: On the back of a business card, write down your top three strongest talents and greatest achievement to date. Keep it in your pocket and whenever your mind starts nagging negatively, remind yourself of what you are capable.

#3 Think with your head and ignore your emotions

Sometimes, if you know in your heart and your head, that what you are doing is the right thing to do but you can feel the nerves and emotions jangling away anyway, it can be useful to be head-led and logical.

While it’s not a useful nor healthy long term strategy to ignore your emotions or what they’re telling you, if you notice that they get in the way of you actually achieving what you want to achieve, learning to let them go and be led by your rational, logical self can help you overcome the emotional rollercoaster.

Q: Can meditation really help? If so, how?

A: Meditation brings many benefits: It refreshes us, gives us clarity of thought and peace of mind, helps us settle into what’s happening now, makes us wiser and gentler, helps us cope in a world that overloads us with information and communication, and more.

But if you’re still looking for a business case to justify spending time meditating, try this one: Meditation makes you more productive.

Q: How does it help?

A: By increasing your capacity to resist distracting urges. Our ability to resist an impulse or distraction determines our success in learning a new behaviour or changing an old habit. It’s probably the single most important skill for our growth and development.

Meditating daily will strengthen your willpower muscle. Your urges won’t disappear, but you will be better equipped to manage them. Urges will become more like suggestions and because suggestions aren’t ruled by your emotions you will be more in control.

 John Carter is an Intuitive advisory consultant from Lifestyle Advantage

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