How Many Calories Will You Drink Tonight?

cocktails often hold the most calories in a drink

You probably don’t realise how many calories you’re drinking in a night.

Here’s a basic guide to help you understand the calories and help keep them down.

It’s unlikely you won’t want to have a drink tonight, but at Bondi Beauty we’ve come up with a list of lower calorie choices that mean you can still have fun – but with less impact on your body.

Don’t let New Years Eve ruin your bikini body.

Alcohol alone can stack on the weight. Wine, beer and spirits can add centimetres to your waistline in just one night out.

One shot of a spirit often equals over 100 calories but the high levels of sugar in popular mixers such as soft drinks and fruit juices can result in a calorific disaster, as the calorie load shoots through the roof.

One hundred calories is the same as eating 4 heaped teaspoons of sugar, or half a bagel and you’ll need 20 minutes on the dance floor to burn it off.

So unless you’re planning on dancing from dusk to dawn, here’s the low-down on your favourite drinks, and what 100 calories actually looks like:


How much is 100 calories: 150ml (standard glass)

Tip: For a DIY mimosa freshly squeeze your own orange juice to cut out half the amount of sugar.

White Wine

100 calories: 150ml (standard glass)

Tip: Add soda water to your glass. This not only slows down how quickly you’re drinking, but helps keep you hydrated to avoid a nasty hangover.

Red Wine

100 calories: 150 ml (standard glass)

Tip: Watch out for high alcohol reds. When picking your wine look for one that’s 13% or under.


100 calories: 45ml (one and a half shots)

Tip: Swap coke for diet coke or coke zero for a low sugar traditional rum and coke.


100 calories: 30ml (one shot)

Tip: Instead of drinking a baileys and milk, add three ice cubes to a shot of baileys for a refreshing, and lighter, alternative


100 calories: 45ml (one and a half shots)

Tip: Swap fruit juice and soft drink mixers for a low calorie soda and fresh wedge of lime.


100 calories: 45ml (one and a half shots)

Tip: The classic G&T is a favourite choice for calorie conscious drinkers.


100 calories: 45ml (one and a half shots)

Tip: Using fresh lime juice and orange liquor will help keep the calories down in those delicious margaritas. Otherwise, substitute in carrot juice to get a hit a vitamins A and C.

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