Simple Ways To Feel Like A Winner In Your 20s



As an inexperienced 20-something year old, the wins of adolescent life can feel elusive.  

But success can indeed be found in the smaller victories that occur in everyday life.

As young millennials, our downfalls can come from our impatience.

We want success and we want it now.

Although success can be visualised as a destination, the everyday wins should not go without acknowledgement. 

Here are 3 simple ways to see more wins in your 20s.

Write Goals

According to Mind Tools, “If you want to succeed, you need to set goals.”

Setting goals will help you to stay accountable for your work, not to mention it will help you keep track of your progress and determine what your next target needs to be.

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Journaling keeps the mind uncluttered.

The best way to set goals is to use the SMART goals approach.

SMART goals is an organisational concept coined by Dr Edwin Locke, an American psychologist back in the 1960s.

He created the template for effective and productive goal-setting by cross-checking goals with the acronym SMART which stands for:






In setting goals that align with these 5 main principles, you are more likely to accomplish them and as a result, find smaller, yet satisfying moments of success in your everyday life.

Put In The Ground Work

For most university degrees, your actual qualification is worth as much to an employer as the work experience you have done outside of your schooling.

That is why it is so important to invest time taking on internships every chance you get, whether they are paid or unpaid.

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A modern working office environment.

In doing so, you will not only get a real sense of your chosen field or industry, a wider network of connections and a practical set of skills to take with you once you enter the workforce.

Recognising your progress is a huge marker of success.

So, take a moment every now and then to reflect on what you have achieved.

This will serve as an easy way to recognise your growth and capture those moments of success that would otherwise be missed.

Diversify Your Income

There are several ways to monetize your hobbies and ultimately, uncover success in something that you enjoy.

It could be anything from doing freelance work to creating your own side business alongside your day job.

Another great way to pocket those small moments of success are by taking on a new financial venture such as investing.

For first time investors the girls from the Shameless Podcast have produced another podcast called ‘She’s On The Money’, that deals with the dos and don’ts of investing for beginners.

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Listen anytime, anywhere.

Another fantastic way to get into investing is through the app Raiz

Raiz is one of the best investment apps that rounds up your extra change and automatically puts it towards the share market on your behalf.

Being in your early 20s and seeing your money increase through alternative avenues will have you feeling like a winner in no time.  

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