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Sex positivity means maintaining a healthy attitude towards sex and valuing it, given your individual needs.

Sex positivity also embraces the idea of being sexually educated and staying safe.

Individuals who are sex positive actively decide how and what they want from their sex lives, rather than letting others dictate it.

A sex positive person will reflect on themselves about what they want from sex. What kind of sex do they like? What sexual fantasies do they want to explore?

In answering these questions, they will embrace what they discover, rather than worry or feel shame about it.

This might require a bit of support to achieve for some people. And this is where counselling, therapy and workshops can help someone explore and discover in a way that feels safe and supportive.

“Sex positivity also involves acknowledging that sometimes we don’t feel great about ourselves, about sex, or about our relationships. But rather than concluding that sex makes us feel bad, we might instead look for support and insight in order to change our outlook or change our behaviour to get a better result.”

Aids Action Council Australia

One way to get on board with this sex positive movement is to follow like-minded people and role models on social media.

Here are my top 3.


Florence Given is a 20-year-old UK designer and influencer who preaches all things self-love, body positivity and sex positivity. In an interview with Evening Standard magazine, Given said of her page, “I began to see that there was a hunger for conversation about all of the things women wish they could talk about with people in their everyday lives, but couldn’t. I think my page created a space for women to relate to,” Given says.


Given’s posts inspire women to be proud of their sexuality and to be unapologetically themselves. Her famous slogan “It’s a wonderful day to dump him” compels women to get out of toxic relationships and focus on their own growth.

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Karley Sciortino

Karley Sciortino is the founder of the website Slutever, host of a Viceland show and author of a book by the same name, and the writer of Vogue’s column on sex and dating advice, Breathless.

She’s on a mission to reclaim the word “slut” and empower women to embrace pleasure without shame. 34-year-old Karley openly discusses things like BDSM, sex work, sex parties, the power of sexual agency, and more—if you’re looking for an entertaining, educational, and supportive resource for pro-sex feminism, Karley is the one to follow.

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Dami Lonisakin, 28, is a sex blogger, podcaster, and soon-to-be author, she is one of the UK’s biggest names in sex and relationships writing.

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In her “Ladies and LADIES ONLY” twitter threads, Oloni puts out requests for typically explicit, far-from-vanilla stories from women from across the world who proudly speak about their sex lives in ways that we usually almost exclusively hear from men. These have included requests for their wildest sex stories from university, for their experiences with sugar daddies, and for accounts of times when women have had sex with a guy and his best friend. In anonymised screenshots, she posts the best of the messages she receives.

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